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    How to get rid of shabby look in winter

    Winter means dry and dull skin. Is there any home remedy for patchy skin in winter? How to have flawless and patch free skin in winters?

    During winter my skin becomes dry and shabby.I look dark and develop black patches in winter.
    My face burns when I try to open my mouth. I have tired coconut oil but it doesn't give any great results. Is there any other way to apply it?

    What home remedies can I try to get a gorgeous look all day long?

    I have tired many products but nothing seems to work!
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  • Winter season itself is like that but coconut oil is the best. If you don't find any good result in that then add little olive oil or Til oil with it. If coconut oil is one cup then add 1/2 cup of olive oil or Til oil. Even Badam oil works well. You have to apply this oil and wait for half an hour and then take a bath in warm water. In winter season its best to use glycerin product soap. The night after freshen yourself and before going to bed apply Vaseline or bioline to you body and lips also. As you said even my skin become very dry in winter and I try all these and it works well to me. I think you can also try it.

  • For this weather one need to be extra careful for skin,
    Start using good night cream if you have dryness issue, or kumkumadi tailam , I recommend kottakal brand for this.
    In use aloe ge , keep night care regime proper that softness will stay for whole day, Do scrub once in a week., During day time use moisturizing day cream, Don't use foaming face washes if you have dry skin that will make your dry skin more dry.

  • As far as skin treatment is concerned you should definitely consider using the petroleum jelly. And that can help reduce the dull and cold rashes on the skin. And petroleum jelly can help with keeping the skin oily. Another option is to keep the skin oiled as much as possible using the coconut oil. You can also make sure to use peanuts, walnuts and others that help in keeping oil in your body. If you eat non vegetarian, then winter season is good for eating the non veg, but in proportion. You need to also avoid using the face wash cream on your face as it reduces the oil in your face. Make sure to also make sure your hair skin remains oiled.

  • Here are the some of tips that I could suggest you for the winter looks.
    1.Wash your face or take showers in lukewarm water.
    2.After shower,use moisturizer immediately.
    3.Select the Moisturizer based on your skin tone.
    4.Protect by wearing gloves or scarf over face.
    5.Prevent skin from drying out,avoid being in humid places.
    6.Drink warm water with lemon for refreshment and hydration.
    7.Use Moisturizer before going to sleep.
    8.Use of Exfoliation masks.
    9.Avoid using allergens or irritants.
    10.Eat foods with high water content such as carrots,orange,cucumbers.
    11.Use of Cleanser can be reduced to the extend.
    12.Use of hydrating masks.

  • This is the common complain by the people with dry skin in winter months. Throughout the winter months, you have to keep your skin moisturized. Variety of moisturizers are available in market to combat dry skin and you can prepare the moisturizer in home also. Home made remedial moisturizers are very cheap and very effective in nourishing your dry skin and bring back to healthy state.
    Throughout the winter months use olive oil all over your body. It gives very soothing effect to dry skin. You should use extra virgin olive oil. Apply olive oil and if possible take hot bath for one hour and take shower bath with warm water.
    You can use honey as moisturizer. Honey has vitamins and minerals that helps in smoothing your dry skin. Apply honey to your complete body, wait for 20 minutes and take shower bath with lukewarm water. There is no harm if you use honey daily as moisturizer. Coconut oil is also very good moisturizer, but it is not giving good result in your case. As a precautionary measure your skin should not come in direct contact with chilled air while driving. Use full cover helmet while driving two wheeler. You can visit a beautician or a skin specialist to take advice regarding which moisturizer is most suitable to your skin type.

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