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    Guidance for studying subjects in 12th class

    Are you in a dilemma as in which stream to choose, among science or commerce? If you are having a moderate academic career and have a confusion in the future choices of your career, go through the details.

    I am Abhinav, I want to become an software engineer. I am studying in 10th class. Please guide me for my objective.
    I want to take science in 12th class but the problem is that I am not very good in studies.So please guide me to take subject in 12th class,Commerce or Science.
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  • First thing I would advice is you concentrate in your 12th class, because 10th and 12th is the bottleneck for every student. Taking your career doesn't depend on whether you study or not. It all depends on which line you're interested. Because when we have interest in what we have opted then definitely we will study. Right your mind will fickle to take what subject in your career. So first you clear up your 12th in good percentage and then tell your elders regarding your interest and collect some information from your seniors of that subject and then go through it and finally decide whether you will be able to learn that subject.

  • Since you are interested to have a career of Software engineer, you must have a sound concept in Mathematics. There are two steps to proceed to the ultimate destination either you acquire a B.Com degree and later opt for MCA with a distinguished university after qualifying the written coupled with oral test or select the science stream in class 11 so that after passing 12 from CBSE or equivalent board, you can make entry in an engineering college where you would select computer engineering.
    However to get admission in a coveted Institute, you have to clear one of the competitive tests such as IIT or any examination organised by the state level engineering test. You need to show sufficient interest in both Physics and Chemistry with a special focus in Mathematics so that you can crack the competitive test with impressive marks in order to get admission in your chosen field. There is no way but to put your effort consistently to crack the test.
    In case, you have any aversion for Physics and Chemistry, pursue for B.Com and later acquire MCA from a reputed Institute. However, keep this thing in mind that Mathematics must pursued up to class 12 so that you should be eligible for admission in MCA.

  • Would like you to suggest that please be sure about the different stream and get feedback and guidence from your seniors

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