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    What are the ways to reduce high CRP and ESR values ?

    Do you complain about prolonged pain in the knee and lower abdominal area? Are you suffering from acute pain and redness in the joints or sciatica? Go through the valuable answers here.

    I'm 16 years old. Three months ago, my left knee was swollen and caused pain. I consulted a doctor. With his medications, within a day I got heavy pain in my right buttock. I felt it as sciatica and consulted Ortho cum neuro doctor. After conducting blood test. Report showed that CRP- 73 and ESR- 80. He prescribes some painkillers and antibiotics. For left knee , he said that it is effusion and performed aspiration with needle and send the fluid for test. Reports showed that ''negative for bacterial growth ''. After aspiration he tied the leg tightly with bandage for 20 days. During that time, swelling was reduced but it continued to pain and I couldn't bend or straighten my leg. He also decided that the pain in buttock is not sciatica and is due to sacrolic joint pain. Pain is so unbearable that I couldn't even stand without taking a painkiller. Despite of using medicines of high doses, there is no improvement. But I used to get stomach pain and indigestion daily.
    Later we consulted rheumatologist. He conducted blood tests , x ray to sc joints. But crp and ESR values doesn't change. He confirmed it as arthritis . he asked to conduct HLA B27 test. I am waiting for the report of the test.
    Please explain me the possible results of the report.
    Besides having the pain in left knee and right buttock, I also have backpain, pain in right jaw, right ankle,: swelling,pain and redness in right feet. I request you to provide me with a solution to decrease ESR and CRP values along with the remaining problem
    I got tired of using so many medicines and experiencing side effects.
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