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    How to choose a job?

    Students studying require information regarding job opportunities. To know more about the future prospects of in aerospace, go through the answers.

    What can I do after in aerospace department? what type of job I can do? At which place I have more opportunities about my profession? Can you provide some information regarding this I don't know now what I can do.
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  • All graduates and diploma holders from technical side are expecting job immediately on their exit of college/institution. This is possible only where the possibility of Campus interview. But for this the out-coming students need not worry when there is no provision of campus interview in their institution. Students from whatever faculty can avail the facility of getting training immediately after their exit. They may get puzzled who will give the training for them. For this, there is a Board set up by the Central Government called Board of Apprenticeship Training which has its offices in all parts of our country. Many organisations are contacting them for giving candidates and for this the exit candidates could register themselves with the nearest board office and they could avail the services of the Board. There is no charge is levied from such candidates. The candidates are referred to needy companies for providing training in the respective faculties. Such companies are giving stipend to the candidates given training for the stipulated years. In many companies there are chances of acquiring the same persons into the employment though it is not mandatory.

  • Aerospace department has very limited number of job opportunities especially in India and also there are very less number of colleges having this course. Aerospace department won't have campus placements like other computer related departments.

    Below are some of the tips which will help you to take correct decision.
    1. Decide what you want to become. As I mentioned earlier, There are less opportunities in your department. You can consider moving into other fields like IT.
    2. Higher studies are good option when comes to specific field like aerospace. You can select from a range of topics in higher studies and specialized yourself in that area.
    3. Be in touch with your seniors and professors. They can guide you better than any other person.
    4. Don't spend more time in deciding your future and don't confuse yourself.

    Whatever happens life should move on...
    Thanks Karthik

  • You can do a masters and again a PhD if you want to study further. Else, you can go for a job after B.Tech as a fresher.
    When I researched on the subject I found that there are many colleges in India which offer masters in aerospace engineering, for example, leading IITs, IISC Bangaluru, Institute of Aeronautical Engineering Andhra Pradesh, DIAT Pune, IIST Kerala, IIAEM Bangaluru, Jain University Bangaluru, IIIT Bangaluru, UPES Dehradun etc.
    PhD in aerospace engineering is provided by institutes like IISC Bangaluru, UPES Dehradun, Indian Institute of space science and technology Thiruvananthapuram, many leading IITs etc.
    Apart from that, if you are interested in a job you can go for that too. Aerospace engineers may work in the field of aviation, spacecrafts or defense systems. Aviation is a huge industry nationally and worldwide. So I believe you can get good jobs in this field if you venture thoroughly. The jobs may be in the area of flight security, maintenance, design and development in the field of navigation and control etc., in-flight entertainment (IFE) development, spacecraft design, testing etc.
    USA, France, Germany, Canada and UK are the countries having the most advanced aerospace infrastructure. You may foresee yourself working in these countries at the apex of your career.

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