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    Facing Hypertension at the age of 16 with variable readings.

    What are the reasons of minors suffering from hypertension? What are the precautions and eating habits to be maintained to prevent hypertension at such a tender age?

    I am 16 years old, facing Hypertension. But my readings are variable every time. Sometimes it goes to as low as 140/100 and sometimes as high as 164/ pulse rate is also high it's between 90-95. The only mental problem i am facing is of studies. Please give me some advice about what to eat and how much should I exercise? How can I further control it.
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  • Hypertension could lead some of the health issues such as blood pressure, depression, anxiety. If one of these disorders get formed then they are harder to remove from your life. And that is one reason you need to do something about it.

    The problem with hypertension is that right now it is affecting studies. Later may affect your career and job too. So the habit of the hypertension needs to be broken as early as possible. And you have to focus on the long term solution of handling the stress and in turn tension. Here are some of the steps that you can take -

    1. Learn to do meditation twice a day. One during morning. And second before going to sleep.
    2. Write down what worries you. This reduces stress.
    3. Focus on present. And avoid thinking about the future and it's outcome.
    4. Always think about possibilities instead of problem.

    As far as studies are concerned, it's always better to talk to teachers and form a study group to get yourself off the tension. Also meet the doctor and ask them what can be done about hypertension. Whether you are religious or not, it helps to go into religious places like temple or church to get yourself off the tension. Those places are positive and calm. Your tension can be reduced this way.

  • Hypertension is the result of excess stress due to life - style disorder and in order to ensure a stress - free life style, you may include the following points in your day - to - day life.
    1) Ensure that you get a sound sleep for at least eight hours during night time.
    2) Engage in meditation for half an hour regularly in the morning.
    3) Brisk walking for half an hour on regular basis in both the times morning and evening will enhance blood - circulation thereby restoring normal blood pressure.
    4) Garlic is known to relieve excess stress and hence two buds of Garlic should be consumed in the morning in the empty stomach and any food should be taken after half an hour after its consumption. Allicin present in the garlic is responsible for the thinning the blood thus helping easy circulation of the blood.
    5) Cut half a piece of lemon and pour the same in a glass of warm -water and consume the same early in the morning on a regular way for nearly three months. Lemon containing Vitamin -C would take care of your Hypertension.
    6) Talk freely with your teachers and guardians and ask for guidance in case any confusion arises relating to your studies.
    7) You must chalk out a planning in relation to studies and adhere to the same. Never compare yourself with your colleagues while evaluating your performance in terms of studies.
    Even after following these tips, the results are not encouraging, you may approach the health - specialist to address your problem.

  • Generally hypertension does not set on at early age. Your are advised to go for complete body check up if there is any cause. If find something get treated it and if do not find any thing then it it primary hypertension. How to overcome from primary hypertension follow the following things.
    1.Eat food rich in phosphorus such as banana
    2.Eat dry fruits such as almond, pista, akhrot.
    3.Eat carrot, cucumber and radish in salad daily.
    4.Eat orange and drink lemon water
    5.Eat drum stick and leafs.
    6.Primary hypertension can be treated by regular walking, Yoga, exercise and recommended diet for BP patient. Check your BP regularly and it should be below 90/130. If not controlling by diet and exercise then go for medication

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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