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    Will my height increase after 19?

    Are you not satisfied with your height? Feeling few extra inches of height would have heightened your confidence level? Go through the expert advises here.

    I'm a 19 years old boy with 5'5" height. I want to grow 2-3 inch more taller. Is there any chance for me to grow taller any medication or supplement which could help me? Please do help me I'm the shortest boy in my group I feel lack of confidence. Even in my school most of the boys are taller than me, my female friends insults me too and I have nothing to say.
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  • Do no feel desperate. You are having the normal average height of Indian male. And mind you, the world is for averages and not for exceptions.
    In your case , you can still normally hope to gain some more height.
    Take normal balanced diet. Supplements may not give very good results at this age. But certain focused special stretching exercises can help increase height. Height also has heredity factor. If your parents are tall you also can expect to be tall.
    One can also appear to be tall or short depending on one's dress, hair style ,style of standing and walking etc. You can make suitable adjustments.

  • To increase the height after 19, You must have follow these steps:-

    1. Avoid Growth Inhibitors which can cause in the lack of the height of person
    2. You should get the proper nutrition to grow the height.
    3.You must be a stress free person because it will seen that a person who will in a lots of stress it do not grow more.
    4. You must take the proper sleep.
    5.Do the exercise the daily.
    6. You must spend more the tine in the presence of the sun light.

    Please follow these steps, you height might be increase.

    Saket Kumar
    Real Eyes Realize Real Lies.

  • The height of a person generally depends upon heredity and genes. Furthermore, height does not increase after attaining 21 years of age. However, there are some exercises which can help a person to increase his/her height. Height also depends upon nutritious & protein-rich diet, proper sitting and sleeping posture. I would advise you to visit a dietitian and follow his/her diet chart. Don't go for supplement readily available in market.

    Healthy life, proper exercise and protein-rich food can help you to marginally increase your height.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • Since you have already attained the age of 19 and your height as indicated by you is not that much bad. However you may try the following tips for the growth of your height-
    1) You need to take proper rest in night. A sound sleep stretching for eight hours is that way, there would be production of Human Growth Hormone responsible for growth in height.
    2) Enough protein and Calcium are essential for the healthy growth. Hence ensure that your diet should comprise enough Curd, Eggs, Chicken and Cheese apart from regular intake of milk.
    3) As far as possible avoid unnecessary stress and in order to combat stress you may take four to five leaves of Tulasi early in the morning.
    4) Engage in muscle -stretching exercise regularly for at least an hour regularly such as Car- stretch, Cobra - stretch, Bow- down several times and Twisting etc. Such exercises would help you in the growth of height. Cycling and Jogging would also be helpful.
    5) Two tea- spoon of Aswgandha of any Ayrvedic - Pharmactuals may be added in the warm milk and its regular use for 45 days would help you in height - growth.

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