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    Confusion between M.TECH and MS

    What shall a student pursue after B.Tech CSE? Which option is better to pursue for a B.Tech student, M.Tech or M.S.

    I am studying 2nd yr in CSE, Is it better to do M.TECH or MS for a CSE student?
    What will be the difference?
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    It depends on you. What matters is whether you want to pursue a career for a good job or a research oriented career. If you want to study in order to get a good technical job after your masters, the answer is M.Tech. If, on the other hand, you want to pursue higher studies like you want to earn a PhD, then you may go for an MS in India or abroad. For MS abroad you have to appear in GRE and TOEFL and score the requisite marks.
    The above routes through M.Tech and MS may also help you in the reverse way, that is MS for a job and M.Tech for research but what is stated above is generally true.
    For an M.Tech you will undergo more class room study and less project work. For an MS it's just the reverse.
    So you can understand that the choice entirely depends on your outlook.

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    MS. is a postgraduate degree offered in United states and some other European countries. This degree is equivalent to the in India. The quality of education that you can get in India, for the cost added is very low. This is one reason many students and the parents prefer the MS abroad. As the cost of learning is unnecessarily high in India. And you don't get the return for the money invested. So in current scenario if any student wants to get post graduate degree then it is better to go abroad.

    In order to take MS abroad you need to clear few exams such as SAT, GMAT and GRE. Based on scores in these exams, you get to study the respective course of your post graduate studies. In case of you are supposed to give GATE exam conducted by IIT. The scores of this exam allow you to take the post graduate M Tech in your chosen subject. Also this way you can also take the admission outside IIT this way.

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