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    Is it necessary to have a cooling fan within a laptop?

    Looking for specific laptops or notebooks? Are you worried about the heating up of your laptop or notebook? Go through the expert advise here for help.

    We are looking around for 11" and 13" notebooks/laptops. It seems that these do not have any inbuilt cooling fans. I would like to know:
    1. Is it Ok to buy if it does not have a cooling fan? I mean, suppose there were severe heating issues, would that not create problems?

    2. If we buy a separate cooling pad device on which to rest the laptop, would that help?
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  • Laptops become warm due to processor heating and charging battery. There is inbuilt system to cool that heat. Laptops have air passage ways in front and back. The keypad keys also serve as ventilation airways. So, whatever is provided in-built is sufficient to cool the laptop.

    However you may follow certain measures to avoid overheating. It is suggested not to use the laptop simultaneously charging. You should not keep the laptop on surfaces like bed, clothes etc which close the airways. You may ensure that there is clearance for passage of air below the laptop when placed on a surface. Hence a solid plain level surface is suitable. Though name is laptop, placing on our lap can prevent proper air ventilation and cooling.

    Keep the laptop ventilation airways free of dust and dirt, by periodical cleaning.
    (I have seen my son keeping the laptop on its sides as inverted 'V" or as a pyramid,when charging to allow free air cooling on both sides. I think it helps also). In case at any time if you feel it is more warm you may expose it to your table fan or ceiling fan airflow.

  • The laptop will heat due the heat which is produce by the processor which is present in side the laptop. Heat will also great or generated by the other hardware device. I would like to say the if you use laptop for four to five hour you don't need the additional fan because the inbuilt have capacity to run the laptop for four to five hour.

    Please note ,the laptop should be use on the table not on the bed.

    Saket Kumar
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  • The laptop heat happens due to plenty of reasons. Some of the common reasons.

    1. Resting surface that conducts the heat through the surface. For example keeping laptop on the bed or lap or on clothing.
    2. Forcing the processor to perform multiple threads for execution of some games and apps. This leads to overheating the processor.
    3. Graphically intensive work on regular basis.
    4. Climate outside the laptop affecting the processor and RAM.

    These are some of the common reasons why there is always heat. Do note that some of the laptops under 15'' with lack of graphics processor GPU and limited power CPU, can't handle big programs. So they end up creating more heat when you try to push the the processor to create heat.

    And for this reason cooling fan is required inside the laptop. Some of the time you have to also use the cooling pad if the heat can't be avoided.

  • All the electronic devices are designed to handle the heat generated by it's own. Some of the devices require a separate cooling fan to handle the heat as it takes more processing power while some other devices don't require a cooling device.
    Consider the smartphones that we are using in our day to day life. Most of the smartphones are coming with high end configurations and still doesn't require a cooling device. Our smartphone can handle the heat generated by it's own processor.
    Similarly, if your laptop doesn't have any cooling fan then you need not to worry about that. It will be designed in such a way to give good performance.
    You can still use a separate cooling pad. It will always helpful to avoid heating issues and gives good performance.
    Below are some of the tips which will help you avoid heating issues
    1. Place your laptop in correct surface. Avoid keeping it in your lap, bed or any clothes.
    2. Avoid overloading your processor by sending multiple tasks.
    3. Don't keep the laptop in charging and using it in parallel.
    4. Use an external cooling pad if you are using the device for long time.
    5. If it is an office, use air conditioner to bring down the environmental temperature.

    Whatever happens life should move on...
    Thanks Karthik

  • It is not necessary to have a cooling fan inside the laptop. The inbuilt ventilation system is sufficient to take care of the heat generated in a laptop due to processor heating or battery charging. However, the laptop should be prevented from extreme heating by not using it for more than 6 hours at a stretch and charging while working for a long stretch.

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  • Manufacturers design the electronic items in such a way that for normal use you need not to use additional cooling device. Sufficient cooling vents are provided in laptop to cool it during charging and uses. You need not to use additional cooling fan. In addition you should adopt following preventive measures to avoid overheating-

    1. You should not use your laptop while charging is going on and vice versa.
    2. You should maintain some gap between bottom portion of laptop and resting surface to give free access to vent holes.
    3. You should not work on your laptop long hours continuously.
    4. Avoid multitasking on your laptop, because of multitasking processor is overloaded and laptop get heated.

  • If you constantly work on your laptop, your laptop will be heating. Your laptop processor is going to be heat. So cooling fan required to free from heat. Place your laptop in table, dont place in warm area.
    Still you are facing problem then check your laptop configuration and according to that software installed or not. Install antivirus to free from virus.

  • Q: Is it necessary to have a cooling fan within a laptop?
    A: Yes, it is necessary to have within. It is like someone asking, is it necessary to have air condition or engine in a flight? :)

    Q:Is it Ok to buy if it does not have a cooling fan?
    A: It is always better to buy a laptop that has an internal (or inbuilt) cooling fan or at least the new technology invention to prevent from the laptop heating.

    Q: If we buy a separate cooling pad device on which to rest the laptop, would that help?
    A: External cooling pad really helps additionally to cooling the laptop from the heat and extend the laptop lifetime, of course.

    Note: In general, one can use laptop while charging and no issue on its heating, in fact it shall not heat upon (that indicate the sign of a good condition laptop). If heating while charging then there could be some other issue like internal (default) cooling fan is not working or some other (like processor) or motherboard issue or dust blocking near or within cooling fan area or maintenance required soon etc.

    One can't compare the laptop against smartphone on heating issue though both of them have more or less similar features, electronic gadget and technically few gadgets among may match this issue.

    The laptop charger and the laptop shall not have anything covered outside which stops air flow and ventilation etc.

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