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    How to make a website popular?

    Have you launched your own website? Are you the owner of a website which has collaborations with other organizations or web portals? Then go through the details to know how to raise the number of views.

    I have recently launched a simple website, which is having links to various online shopping websites. I have affiliated to some of these websites and to some through third party. My website is also approved by google adsense. But my website is getting very few views. I have added it to google search console, Bing search engine, shared on social sites, but still getting very few clicks. How to get more clicks and more traffic?
    My website link is :

    Please review and suggest some improvements.
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  • There are thousands of websites available under each category not all of those websites are generating good number of views.
    You need to have a lot of things in your website to make it popular among internet users.
    Below are some of the tips which will help you to generate good traffic to your website.

    1. Compare your website with peers - As mentioned earlier, there are lot of sites under each category. Compare your website with your competitors and find out where you are lagging behind. Identify those areas and upgrade your site.
    2. Highlight your positive items - Every website will have something unique in it. Highlight such unique item from your website. It will help you to make your site more popular. Unique speciality is something which can attract more users.
    3. Get feedback from users - Have an option in your website for users to give feedback. It will help a lot in improving your website.
    4. Take help of social networking sites - Social networking sites are great way to attract users. Share your website among your friends. Use WhatsApp group to attract more users.

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  • I think there are many variables that goes on to make a website popular. Some of the common variables that you can work onto are as follows -

    1. Keywords - You need to make sure that your website ranks for specific keywords for which you compete. Based on the ranking your keywords perform for increases the traffic. So keywords are very important.

    2. Logo - The logo of your website needs to be good. And people should remember it. That's how most of the people making the branding of the website. Your logo and the name needs to be easily remembered.

    3. Content - Your website content needs to be super good. If it falls short on the content. You'd find that people going away from your website content. That's where you need to focus. So content needs to be of quality.

    4. SEO - You need to make use of the SEO techniques in order for it to rank. This has to be done on regular basis to update with the new SEO changes.

    5. Social media - Your social media traffic needs to be good in order for it to get popular. You need to promote the social media profiles on regular basis. That is how most of the people are making any site or post popular. So pay attention to the social media accounts.

    6. Design - Your website design needs to be good in order for it to make some impact on users. So always pay attention to the design aspect.

    These are some of the things you need to keep in mind while designing the website and making it popular.

  • To make your websites popular you must follow these steps:-
    1.Keep a consistent theme.
    2.Use short paragraphs.
    3.Use a great domain name.
    4.Make the site easy on the eyes.
    5.Optimize Your Website for the Search Engines.
    6.Take advantage of social bookmarking sites.
    7.Get links with other sites in your niche.
    8.Include your URL in your signature. can promote the website offline.
    10. Apply appropriate meta tags
    11.Adjust URLs to be appropriate to site headings .
    12.Try to get to DMOZ .
    13.Use Google Analytic tool to track website traffic .
    14.Make Great Content.
    15.Start building an e-mail list from Day one.

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  • I don't have any websites.Use nice background, graphic to your webpage. Webpage should have important links where customer can find information easily. Webpage should have clicks where they link to other portals. Webpage link needs to give in social media like your Facebook page, pinterest, google plus where you can show your website details. Use Higher rectangle shape as folder, text to be link where customer can go to other pages. Give title to the webpage in bold. Use Home, services, help in front and at the bottom of the telephone number and about us details.
    Use text to be proper in look. You can give underline to the text. Use nice graphic with images or images with webpage category like you can give customer counting cash or working in the front desk in the bank website. By this way you can increase your clicks.

  • I went through your website. You have to modify your site to increase popularity. I am providing some personal opinions.

    1) Select a good and attractive themes for your site. Because design of the site matters a lot.
    2) Categorize your products in different pages or label. It will help users to find their desired products.
    3) Many of your products is not displaying properly. Make sure your site is running well.
    4) Now the biggest thing which is required is SEO. I prefer to assign a professional SEO rather than doing on your own. Meta tags, keywords are very important. It will help your site to show on the top of the list in Google search.

  • I am QA and on first look of you website, its a blog. Below are things you need to follow to get more popular and viewership.

    1. Create a banner, which mentions about the new year offers and discounts you are talking about.
    2.As mentioned above by all users, change your site design and make it attractive.
    3.List the big ones first like 100% and then in middle make the small discounts appear.
    Also if the discount is in from famous product, even its smaller make it on top.
    4. Your items thumbnail is breaking and unable to view, change those with proper ones.
    5. Sign up to Ad words, where Google itself directs the traffic to your website with the daily budget set by you.
    6.Perform SEO to you website, who will make your site visible in most of the net community with the metatags and keywords.

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  • Now I have made few changes to my website, please have a look and suggest me if there needed be some more modifications.

  • Firstly, your site is not compatible for mobile view. Here's an procedure to fix.

    Look for responsive, elegant, and mobile compatible Blogger Templates. Those themes can be installed from your Blogger dashboard after downloded.

    Second, make a Facebook page for your band. Invite your friends to like them. Also, link the website address to fan page and do add the page URL on your site. Social networks are best to promote stuff and information. One can join Facebook group revelant to your niche based and start engaging and entertaing the fans.

    Third, Twitter is a best place to stay tuned to trending news from entertainment and politics. Add a Follow button on your site. You can share your post everytime you write and submit articles.

    Fourth, sharing on Google+ attracts huge vishtors if you offer promotion and unique articles. Linkedin is also one that you can add the url and start sharing post.

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