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    How to use Sodium benzoate & milk powder to make mango pickle and dahi?

    How much sodium to be added to grated mangoes to make mango pickle? How much milk powder to be added to milk to make dahi? Know more about the process to make dahi or mango pickle here.

    I want to make 2 products
    Sweet mango pickle

    *I want to know how much sodium needs to be put in 1kg of grated mangoes?
    *I want to know if I can add milk powder in 10 ltrs of milk in order to make dahi?
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    Iam making an attempt to answer your query
    First boil milk adding half glass water for cleaning the milk packet. After the milk is boiled allow to cool till luke warm and then take two cups of packet curds or previous days curds or buttermilk , and add to the milk by stirring well. Keep it aside for 6- 7 hours. Your thick curd or dahi is ready. Preferably its better if you do it in the night before going to bed for best results of dahi

    First wash the mangoes and dry it. then cut the mangoes into small pieces or any shape of your choice.
    Take a bottle with tight lid . Now put one layer of mango pieces and one layer of salt, then again one layer of mango and another layer of salt, repeat the process for all mangoes and keep it aside for a week. In between slight shake the bottle to mix up. when the mango pieces change to slight yellow colour then make a fine powder of mustard seeds with redchillies. Now add the powder to the mango bottle, mix it well and keep aside for a week to absorb. If you want the pickle to be sweet then add sugar to the mixture and then keep it for a week or more to absorb and make the pickle delicious.
    For big size 4 mangoes you can buy 100 gm mustard seed and 200 gm Red chilly [guntur is specially preferred for pickle]
    I hope it must have helped you.

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    For setting dahi, I would suggest that you do not use milk powder at all. Here's what you should do:
    1. Put warm milk in the vessel in which you wish to set the dahi and in that milk put in a large tablespoon of already set curds. You could buy some from the market for this if you do not have any left over from the previous lot of dahi which you made.

    2. In a steel plate, put boiling hot water. Naturally, the plate should have a rim to prevent the water from spilling over. About 3-4 times during the day, as and when you heat something on the gas, you should re-boil this water and put it in the plate again.

    3. You can also try the tip given by a member in a forum thread on a new way of setting curds: Put 1 large red chilly in it.

    I eat dahi daily and the above is the way I set it. I don't use the red chilly though if it has set well.

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    For setting dahi I would not suggest to add milk powder in milk. For making dahi, process remains same irrespective of milk quantity. First pour the milk in aluminum or steel pot. Boil it and during boiling stir it continuously. After boiling allow it to cool down slightly above the room temperature.Now add three spoon of curd in one liter of milk and maintain same ratio of curd to milk for more quantity. Keep it on flat surface in warm place Do not shake it for at least seven to eight hours. Now your curd is ready. If you want sweet curd , add sugar in milk during boiling it.

    For making the mango pickle, take fresh raw mangoes. Dip mangoes in fresh water for two to three hours. After that clean and wipe off the mangoes. Cut it in small pieces. Apply turmeric paste and red chilly powder over cut pieces of mangoes add some salt in this mixture. Keep this mixture in glass jar or a pot made of bone china material. Pour mustard oil in the prepared mixture. One liter mustard oil for one kilogram mangoes. Maintain same ratio of oil to mangoes if quantity is increased or decreased. Add powder of mustard seed. Now keep the jar containing mixture in hot sun for ten to fifteen days and after that keep it in cool and dry place. At any stage of the preparation, water contents should not go in pickle. Now your mango pickle is ready and enjoy the taste.

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    hi friend
    for making dahi
    you should boil the milk and allow to warm or cool.a spoon of curd or previous day curd is taken and add it to the milk that make milk clotting and produce dahi.
    For making mango pickle
    Ingredients (cut into required shapes)
    3. ginger(half to garlic)
    4.oil(any cooking oil or sesame oil)
    6.fenugreek seeds
    8. chilly powder
    9. asofeotida powder
    10 .turmeric powder
    11. salt
    1. take a pan add oil and make it heat.
    2.add mustard, cumin, fenegreek seed to the pan and fry it light brown .
    3. add garlic and ginger paste and add mango to the pan,
    4.allow to cook for 2 minutes.
    5. add asofeotida, chilly and turmeric powder,mix it well and add salt then cook for five minutes.
    6. then serve it hot.

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