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    Outer world voices command me and my head shakes itself in front of mirror showing an ego

    Are you feeling that you are hearing voices? Do you feel inanimate objects or animals can communicate with you? Find out from our experts the reasons behind this.

    When I hear voices I feel like they are directly talking to me if a person is talking to his partner saying that you are mad that vibe strikes my heart that they are talking to me directly and some times when I go to bathroom and there is a cigarette and I've left smoking sound coming from outside of vehicle horns diverges my attention and vision to the cigarette like my head works like a puppet while hearing any type of sound and these voices also confuse me that when the move my vision on the cigarette so does it mean for me to smoke the cigarette or the voice is just saying cigarette not to smoke it or if it is saying just cigarette then why should I not smoke it because the voice is gonna disturb me again if I don't smoke. When get in front of mirror my head starts shaking showing an ego my eyes becomes small like an eagle or some times opens up too much and my hands start moving in a rapping way I'm front of mirror. Crows, pigeons talk to me, crows show me their ego because when they make their voice my head shakes with aggression and when I listen to pigeons my head moves up and down showing them calmness. Even girls talks to me in eyes and Nigerian talk to me with sign language and I am easily able to understand it.So who am I a demon? Or a demon living inside me?
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  • I think this sort of cases are personality disorder cases. There is no demon living inside. However your mind is playing tricks with you. Showing you that your own personality traits as divided persona. So you may find that your own voice being heard as different inside your head. So when mind creates second persona and hears voice of another, It feels like demon.

    This sort of cases come under clinical psychologists cases. You may need to consult the psychologist and try to find out how your behavior lead to the personality disorder. Some of the questions that may include in this are - how much time you spend alone, and what are the things that trigger your anger or increases your loneliness. Based on such assessment, you'd be able to take the therapy and medicine if required.

    This sort of case cant be solved by anyone on internet. I suggest you to take this to psychologist who is expert in handling personality disorder traits. That should help you further.

  • Sometimes you just need to make everything silent around to listen the words from you inner soul, mind, surrounding also outer spaces.
    In that kind of solitude you will find answer to all the questions and confusions going through your mind. Your own heart and mind will answer to the questions that are making you worried and forcing you to think about the things out of world.
    I also advise you to read some novels like " the alchemist" in which the protagonist listens to this kind of sound going through his mind and coming from surrounding things with focus and achieves whatever he wanted to achieve. This is not any kind of disorder and you don't need to worry about it but try to find ways to listen that inner and outer voice of yourself calling you and try to find its meaning.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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