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    Scientific explanation of Bermuda triangle and its causes

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    I want to know about the Bermuda triangle, specifically what causes it. Please explain in a scientific manner.
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  • First let me tell you about the is Bermuda Triangle? As I know it's a huge ocean and in past it's said that many water transports and air transports like ship, planes have disappeared like miracle in that area. By this its also called as " Devil's Triangle". It is located between an island 300 miles off the coast of north Carolina.
    Causes of Bermuda triangle are:-
    1) It depends on the depth of the under water trenches in the world, because these trenches are the main reason for causing whirlpools which are very dangerous for pulling the ship underwater.
    2) One more possibility is about methane gas, which is suddenly released and rushed to the surface with large bubbles bursting.
    3) Huge waves which have deep water and strong currents. Some of the satellite agencies have measured the height of waves in some instances.
    4) It also depends on the sudden water sprouts which may disappear quickly as they are created. This usually depends on the natural weather conditions.
    For further details I think its better if we read once Edgar Cayce's Giant Crystal of Atlantis.

  • Bermuda triangle is a space within the sea where the incidents of ship sinking and airplane losing direction. And this phenomenon is due to the magnetic field within the region. And it shows that the area within the sea is due to the earths gravitation fields. Some of the hoaxes about the place shows that it is time warp field, aliens, atlantis and few other hoaxes. This has turned out to be pure hoax. So the real explanation has been buried due to the fact that the people want to believe in hoaxes over the reality. As the magnetic field gets weakened in that region, people will be able to see what is affecting the ships and the airplanes.

    There is a lot of content about this type of the hoaxes. However it is quite hard to find out the real truth from it.There are some documentaries made by the discovery channel. And they seems to have pointed out the truth here.

  • Actually, Bermuda Triangle is based more on myths rather than true facts. It is only one of two areas on Earth which shows "true north", to the navigators, which differs from geographical north in 20 degrees. This might not seem much but in a vast ocean even a few degrees can send you missing for years. In fact, the amount of disappearances in Bermuda triangle are same as elsewhere in other oceans.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • The Bermuda Triangle – it's where ships go to disappear. Mysterious circumstances have long been considered inexplicable but research off the coast of Norway may offer an explanation at last.

    The legendary Bermuda Triangle – it's where ships go to disappear. The mysterious circumstances have been long considered inexplicable, but new research off the coast of Norway may offer an explanation after all.
    Scientists at Arctic University of Norway dove deep into Barents Sea and what they found could offer a viable scientific reason behind Bermuda Triangle phenomenon.
    Multiple giant craters exist on sea floor in an area in west-central Barents Sea and are probably a cause of huge blowouts of gas.
    Methane leaking up through natural gas deposits caused craters, meaning that there was not just gradual erosion but explosions of gas too. It would be enough to take out a ship or even an airplane flying overhead. But, the research does not prove that these gas explosions are common – let alone they exist – in the area that Bermuda Triangle encompasses, between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. Some say there is nothing mysterious about Bermuda Triangle at all. Others blame the strange disappearances on region's tendency for tropical storms.

  • First of all I would like to say that Bermuda Triangle is basically a strange phenomenal area on the Atlantic ocean where many ships or planes have disappeared without a trace. In cases where wrecks could be found, such incidents have been happening since centuries.
    Thousands of ships and planes have disappeared in the triangle area over the past centuries and such incidents on the Atlantic continue to take place even at present days. In many incidents, the facts got blurred. Many theories have come up over the years on Bermuda triangle.

    As per the known facts.
    Methane leakage from seabed could have caused this phenomenon. The rise in pressure of methane would have caused explosion creating cavities in the sea which acted just like black holes which consumed whatever went near it. But still the mystery of Bermuda triangle continues as scientists are still unable to come to a clear point conclusion behind the behaviour of Bermuda triangle

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