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    Web site issue(google chrome)with tavanero website

    How to keep google chrome as your default web browser in your Windows 7 machine. Do I need to clear the files in my Windows machine to revert back to my original browser? Find out more on this from the answers.

    I'm using Windows 7 home premium(OS), using google chrome, while opening browser by default I have set to google website, Since the past 4-5 years I'm using chrome browser. During the last login time system asked automatic updates required as popup window, and I gave automatic update option. from that , I cant able to go to google search website, once I search as , it redirect that web link to Webpage , after that I cant access google website alone(google,gmail) ,while other websites were opening fine in chrome browser, while firfox,IE google , gmail,and all other website can be accessed easily, I have searched that tavanero file in control panel(uninstall program, windows search , chrome setting also I searched , but not data found with tavanero keyword, through Ccleaner tool also. I cleared data, and reinstalled google chrome browser, but repeatedly , browser redirecting to that webpage instead of google/gmail. Let me know any free software for resolution to this issues, or any other solution for this issues.
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  • is a type of spyware which is install in our registry. To solve the problem you must follow the steps:-

    1. Install the spyware remover or you can also use the antivirus which can remove the spyware.
    2. Remove all the spyware from the registry.
    3. Go to the control panel and the go to the uninstall option.
    4. Then select the google chrome and uninstall the google chrome.
    5. After uninstalling the google chrome , please restart your computer.
    6. Then Download the new version of google chrome from the internet. you may download the google chrome from
    7.After downloading the google chrome , please scan the download copy with antivirus.
    8. Finally install the google chrome into the computer.

    Note:- Please do not skip any step.

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