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    Need shopping card machine details

    How to buy a shopping card machine or an STM? Would a shopping card machine be available to me without the service charge?

    I'm taking care of business, I want an shopping card (STM machine) for my business, so that I can accept credit card,debit cards Customers through credit machine. So I want to buy one machine. What is the procedure to buy that machine with bank name list who provide without any service charge for card shopping options? Let me know the details of this process in step by step process.
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  • Shopping card machines also known as POS (point of sales) machines are offered either by banks or the payment gateway systems. If you are choosing the banks for the machine, then the process would be different from the payment gateway. In either case, you have following route.

    1. Get your company and business documents.
    2. Get VAT/CST in your respective states.
    3. PAN, DIN, and TIN documents showing your company information on it.
    4. Fill up the application form for the POS machine and open the respective current account if there isn't any.
    5. You have few options to choose from such as wireless and wired machine. Most of the banks and payment gateways do offer wireless.
    6. Apply to the respective bank or the payment gateway. And wait for approval.

    After approval you'd be needing to test the transactions. And then after verification, you can go ahead and deploy the machine in your company or working premise. Service charges are applied to both customer and the seller. In case of seller price range varies from bank to bank. Higher amount transaction carries less service charges. Where as small amount may result in 2.5-3% of transaction charge.

    Some of the banks and gateways to contact for this services are -

    1. SBI
    2. ICICI
    3. AXIS
    4. HDFC

    There are also POS from companies such as CCAvenue and few others. You may also want to inquire with mVisa service. As they offer this service for upcoming startups at less installation charges.

    Expected charges in such case are -

    7000 Rs for dedicated landline.
    10,000 for the GSM enabled wireless POS machines.

    You may also want to check some commercial POS machine services as such -

    1. Mswipe.
    2. Eko wallet
    3. Oxygen wallet
    4. inreceipts

    Hope this helps you get a headstart for finding the right POS machine for your business.

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