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    Is acupressure treatment really helpful?

    Wary of acupressure treatment? Know from experts whether or not it is beneficial and safe to get acupressure treatment and if one can do such treatment oneself at home for a common illness.

    Today I saw a program on acupressure treatment. The trainer was mentioning very simple acupressure points for common cold, cough, headache, tiredness etc. After watching that I did a lot of surfing on the Net, regarding acupressure treatment and as usual there were some positive and some negative reviews regarding this treatment. So I want know whether this type of treatment is helpful or no? Has anybody benefited by acupressure treatment? Can I also try this type of treatment at home for common sickness?
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  • The acupressure treatment may or may not be suitable in all cases. Often the disorder may not be able to respond to the therapy done by the acupressure. Some of the time, it may happen that people do benefit from the treatment. However not every disorder has the solution from acupressure. So using that in every context won't be healthy. And also not good for the body.

    There are some of the people who do benefit from such treatment. This includes treatment regarding the gout, backpain, blood circulation issues. etc. Those patients are more likely benefit from the acupressure than any other suffering patient. As the response from the body towards such treatment also matters in this context.

  • Commenting or criticizing about a treatment is not correct and having tossing play before taking a treatment as it is not correct to say this treatment will do better or that will do better but the same will get effected according to the health and nature, age of the problem in one.

  • Acupressure deals with junctions of muscles and nerves. And quite often the point of treatment is far from the actual affected area. I think acupressure is quite effective because nerves respond better and quicker than any other medium. It was an Ancient South Indian art which was then propagated to China. And the book for acupressure states that acupuncture can cure miraculously any ailment. But the doctor must be a real professional or else he could damage your nerves permanently.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • Acupressure is very difficult to be documented in terms of the biochemical process involved. Though it is a safe technique, then also it cannot be replaced with professional health care. A physician should always be consulted when there are doubts about health condition. If the problem is chronic, a professional should be consulted. It takes at least 10 years to become specialized physician, whereas becoming Acupressurists is very simple. By attending a certification course of short duration you can become a Acupressurists. Acupressure institute provides certification course. Acupressurists are basically massage therapist. Acupressure should never be tried on pregnant ladies and on a person with high or low blood pressure.
    I suggest you not do acupressure therapy of your own. It is very simple to understand the failure of acupressure technique apart from being very cheap treatment. To know more about acupressure therapy click the link Acupressure Therapy
    There are numerous topics available. You can go through the topics of your concern.

  • Today medical science has emerged as the biggest curing mechanism for ailments. But there are many other forms of medicines ( commonly known as alternative medicines - like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani, acupuncture etc.) which claim to cure diseases. Acupressure is one of them. These areas are not scientifically researched and documented but many people have been found benefited with these treatments. Though successful results are much less in comparison to Alopathy (the modern medicines).
    Acupressure can be tried for certain ailments and can be continued and after seeing positive results.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Acupressure therapy exists before the invention of science and medicine .
    Simple and easiest methods to overcome the pain or any other issues (without operation) the human body.
    In my view, operating the human body will decrease the life span. if people prefer to ancients method,they will have good results than the modern method. Modern method may solve the problems faster (and temporary) but it cannot find the root cause of problem.
    I do go for acupuncture treatments, and very helpful and fast recovery.

  • Hi,
    Actually accupressure techniques falls in the wing of alternative medicine of medical science. It basically deals with the some definite pressure points in our body which responses effectively while putting pressure on them. It is very ancient process and used over long time in different countries. It gives fruitful result in many cases.
    But the thing that you need is to do it from a properly trained person who has proper training in this field. Otherwise you may face adverse result of this method. As you go to any reputed physician in your illness, go to a trained person in accupressure.

  • Acupressure Treatment is really helpful for many health problems. It is a way of treatment without medicine and show no side effects. It cures all the problems but it takes long time. Nowadays, the people don't like to take medicine and injection, instead of this they are taking acupressure treatment. I suggested to don't take the treatment by own, it will be beneficial to undergo with a specialist.

  • Acupressure is a natural way of curing diseases by pressing points at various places in our body. I would certainly say that it is helpful. I would like to quote my personal experience in this regard.
    • My mother was facing from acute cervical pain .It used to be to such an extent that she would used to faint. Allopathic medicines are strong and once you get the habit it is not good. She did acupressure from a lady who has a great experience and you would not imagine that she is ok now.Whenever she feels after 8-9 months that she goes to the clinic for a week and again she is ok.
    • Acupressure has a remedy for high blood preasure, migrane and thyroid. Many people have benefited from it.

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