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    Bachelor in hotel management from distance learning

    How is going to abroad beneficial for a student in Hotel Management? How does going to abroad enhance the career of a person from the field of quick service restaurant?

    I have experience in quick service restaurant of 4.5 years, now working in the same industry qsr as a assistant restaurant manager. I have done my bachelor in hotel management from distance learning. I want to know if it will helpful for me in the future to go to abroad.
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  • Although Distance Education degrees from a recognised University make the degree-holders eligible to apply for government jobs, even today, distance education in application-based courses is still not relied upon in private sector. Bachelor in Hotel Management is one such course. You may get good job offers in private sector based upon your experience in the related field, but it is really very difficult to say whether your Distance Education degree can be helpful for further progress in your field in private sector.

    You can check list of hotel management colleges in India.

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  • A distance education degree in hotel management may definitely be of great value as you seem to have 4.5 years experience in quick service restaurant. If you might not have had that experience then it would have been very difficult to bag a job in private sector as they do not give preference to distance learning as they think it lacks self development and environmental and practical learning skills.
    I suggest you to apply your resume in job searching websites and filter your preference job to the country of your wish. If everything goes well then you may definitely receive a call from the institution you dream to work for.

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