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    Query about property share inherited from ancestors.

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    I lost my mother when I was 6 month old and my dad got married again. We have an elder sister and I am the boy and I have a step sister. My father got the property from my grandfather through will. We are Christians from Mangalore. My elder sister lives in America and my father and step mother lives with my step sister in the Gulf. My step sister has taken my father and mother with her and I am staying in my father's house which was built by my grandfather.
    We have sold the property. Now my step mother says that the property should be divided among four: me, my elder sister, my step sister, and her.
    I am not in good terms with both of my sisters.They are controlling my dad.

    What should I do?
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    Inherited property usually gets equally divided. And there are no personal bias can be done in it. If the step sister is in good terms and letting you have property share. Go with it. Because if this inherited property remains with your father and if they make a will on it, then you may not be able to get anything from it. Unless your grandfather has will that gives you anything, the natural inheritance travels through your parents and then you. So try to go through adjusting route and get the property share. Try to avoid the clashes and also see if you can get the money share properly.

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    Your step mother is right. You all are equal partner in the property. Talk to your mother and sisters if they can give up the claim as they seems to be in good financial position. If they are not ready take your part and give them their part. Do not indulge in family feud, go peaceful.
    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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    The best solution for sharing of inherited property is that all the stake holders should sit together and agree for the methodology of dividing the property among them selves. There is no question of assumptions in this as even one of them goes to court for resolution than the whole property will go under dispute and we do not know when it will be resolved.
    If someone is in good financial condition he should himself come out for the generosity and not to be forced by other members.
    A dispute less distribution of property is required for all future cordial relations among the claimants.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Inherited property is something which is as good as an ancestral gift to the younger generations. In absence of any proper will by the deceased the property has to be equally divided in the family.
    It may look simple but greed for money and assets is such a thing that people can go wrong ways to achieve it. Even a single person is greedy and dishonest in the family it is sufficient to create problem for all others as many of us do not want to entangle in unnecessary quarrels and fights. The dishonest one takes advantage of the situation and tries to have the lions share.
    Now one must be careful that for some financially weak persons even a small part in the property means a lot and they should ensure that things should be amicably settled without going to any court of law. As we all know law takes its own course and the verdicts are considerably delayed.

    Knowledge is power.

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