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    How to resolve problem of constant starting and stopping of CPU fan?

    Puzzled about the CPU fan repeatedly stopping & re-starting? Check out with expert guidance what could be the problem and suggestions on how to resolve it.

    I just got a system from a friend who wasn't using it since a few months. When I start the system, all the components start but stop after a few minutes and there's no display.

    What I tried:
    1. Tried booting the minimal setup (MoBo, CPU, RAM and monitor), CPU fan starts but stops after about 2 minutes and then starts again. No luck here.

    2. Tried running the same setup (in point 1) minus the RAM hoping to get a beep from MoBo. When I booted it, the same thing happened and there was no beep which makes me believe that the MoBo is faulty.

    Can someone please help me out?
    System specs :
    ECS H61H2 M12 Motherboard.
    Intel i3 processor 3.1 Ghz
    1333 Mhz DDR3 (3 sticks, 2 each of 2gb and 1x4gb)
    Zebronics 450 W PSU.

    Additional info: when I first got the System, it booted but then turned off after 5 minutes and hasn't worked since then.
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  • In fact I am also facing same problem. When the system is switched on the CPU gets started and switch off immediately. When we think that we have not pressed the button rightly, then it switch on automatically. Moreover my monitor shows red light which indicates that monitor is not ready for the operation. Then I had to switch off the system once again or switch off the main switch. Then the system would on and also the monitor will work now. But again it asks for disk checking every time I switch on and that takes lots of time. I would request the members who have knowledge about this to help us.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • Unexpected shutdowns of personal computer literally turns us down. I too faced this situation and felt like its better to give a bang on the Monitor with keyboard itself. There are various reasons behind why our systems shutdown unexpectedly like
    • over heating issues
    • Problems with Switched mode power supplies SMPS
    • Virus/Malware infection
    • Bugs or errors in the Operating system
    • and at last you left with only one cause, curse the bad planets ruling over you

    • Overheating issues can be well detected if the PC had run for extended periods of time. Such shutdowns prevent damage to CPU and you need to wait until the system is cool enough to start again. The immediate shutdown of the PC may happen due to SMPS internal failure or severe malware infection. The cause cannot be found until you take your CPU to a technician. If the problem is due to SMPS failure, it may be replaced but if the problem is due to a virus infection that is responsible for running the computer's shutdown sequence just after you switch it on may need entire clean up of the hard disk by a professional. This may even cause you loss of data sometimes. So it is advisable to contact a professional hardware technician.

      You know how I got my PC back running again? Just left it like that and declared holidays for a week and then when I turned it on, the result was awesome!

    Venkat Satish Mamidisetti,
    Power Plant Operations Engineer.

  • It may occur due to heat issue, restarting more times like system issue.
    Check your RAM, remove and insert it again.
    There may be virus issues by which the system got corrupt.
    Check power supply.
    Some parts may have gone.

  • Some of the common reasons for the laptop or the desktop CPU to turn itself off are as follows -

    1. CPU overheating
    2. Inveter motherboard circut short
    3. Wiring issue
    4. Dust issue
    5. OS bug leading the overheating during boot time

    Most of the issues that are faced on laptop are related to the CPU overheating. Also the inverter overheating is something we have to check if there is any circuit board issue. I have found that dust sometimes affect the desktop too. And most of the people have found that laptop if affects with overheat, it may lead to issue.

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