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    How to get rid of cockroaches in house?

    Is your place rampant with cockroaches? wondering how to solve the issue? check out this Ask Expert page for resolution to your queries.

    My house is now full of cockroaches and I want to get rid of these insects.
    How to do that?
    What are the home remedies or solution to get rid of cockroaches?
    What are home made solutions that can be easily prepared? What are some good products which can do the same tasks?
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    Yes. We get some cockroaches. We directly catch and throw out of house or otherwise we kill it. You want to buy cockroach powder to kill them.

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    I personally have got good result using 'Lakshmanrekha' to get rid of cockroaches. Using 'Lakshmanrekha' for three consecutive days helped my family to get rid of cockroaches in our flat. Many people also use 'Hit', but I can't vouchsafe the usefulness of this product. At the same time, care must be taken to close uncovered holes in kitchen, toilet and bathroom, to prevent entry of cockroaches from outside.
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    Infestation of cockroaches in the kitchen is really disgusting particularly if they are very large in number. One or two cockroaches enter into our house and they grow into large population that you can officially name your kitchen into a cage of cockroaches. At this stage Lakshman Rekha will be useful to reduce their number. It is advised to use multiple times in a month by applying it in the kitchen area near sink, near to food stores in the night before sleeping and clean them in the morning. As cockroaches are active food searchers in the nights they assume the chalk lines as food and die.

    Using this method for every 4 days until the population of them disappear is advisable. You also need to follow these actions
    • Cut their source of food by keeping your kitchen clean.
    • Make sure there is with no spillage of food and water.
    • Make sure the sink in the kitchen is always dry.
    • Usage of anti bacterial liquids such as Dettol to clean the kitchen floor will be helpful.
    • Replace your sink to drain link as food accumulates it thus providing a good source of food for the cockroaches.

    Using Hit aerosol will be harmful to your health as droplets of its condensate falls on food that we consume. The entire operation of step by step eradication of cockroaches must be done keeping the children in a safe distance and avoid their entry into poisonous area.

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    Getting rid of cockroaches requires 4 approaches:

    1. Getting rid of adult and baby cockroaches
    2. Breaking the reproductive cycle
    3. Ensuring your home does not become a breeding ground for cockroaches
    4. Restricting entry of cockroaches into the house

    Getting rid of adult cockroaches is easy. You can use commercially available products to kill them. However, these products can also harm you, because the chemicals will settle on all surfaces in your kitchen, including vessels and food items.

    Alternatively, you can use a relatively safer home remedy that I use. I learned it from my mother and have always had a cockroach-free home.

    You'll need the first three in equal proportion:
    • Atta (flour)
    • Boric powder (available at chemists/medical shops)
    • Sugar
    • And ghee or butter for kneading

    If you have 50grams of boric powder, take roughly the same amounts of sugar and atta. Mix all three ingredients and knead into a firm dough, using butter or ghee. Do not use water. Make small balls out of the dough and leave them in cockroach-infested areas.

    The cockroaches will be attracted by the smell of ghee and eat the dough. The boric powder kills them. You will be rid of cockroaches within a few days.

    Keep the above mixture away from small kids and pets.

    To break the reproductive cycle you will have to continue the process again, so newly hatched cockroaches that you couldn't target also get eliminated.

    Make sure that the kitchen and dining area are always clean. Cockroaches get drawn to food – so keep kitchen platform and dining table clean. Throw waste in the dustbin and keep it covered.

    Block all crevices where cockroaches can hide/lay eggs. Use putty. Use cockroach traps on drains.

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    Cockroaches need to be killed from the places where they are more likely to procreate. Some of those places are near the kitchen sink, near the pipe of drainage etc. Those are the most likely places where the cockroaches are likely to lay their eggs. Pest control usually helps in these circumstances. It can help get rid of the cockroaches during their earlier days of growth. You have to use the chemicals or the possible treatment powders that can get rid of them in those places.

    Here are some things you can do.

    1. Make sure your place is clean.
    2. Recycle old clothes or the stuff. Keep the place clean and don't have much storage.
    3. Spray the anti cockroach chemical on your room corners.
    4. Pest control every quarter does help.

    This usually helps your room get rid of the cockroach and other rodents too. Just make sure you keep the home as clean as possible.

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    Cockroaches like to have shelter in the dark places and come out in the open places preferably in the kitchen during night we are having sound sleep. A few home - tips would be helpful in this regard.
    1) Bay - leaves have pungent order and is very effective to address this problem. Four to five leaves should be boiled in one litre of water till the volume of water subsides to half of its volume and now the same is to be poured in the areas where the cockroaches are supposed to be concentrated. They would leave the place because of its pungent ordour.
    2) A mixture of Wheat - flour, Sugar and Boric - acid in equal part should be taken and should placed in all the places where their presence are suspected. Sugar and Wheat - flour would attract the Cockroaches and the Boric - acid present in the mixture would kill them.
    3) Lakshman - Rekha available in the market should be used for killing the Cockroaches. A circle should be made by applying the Lakshman - Rekha where their concentration are felt. A regular use for a couple of days would produce positive result.
    4) Another remedy is to apply a mixture containing Baking - soda and Sugar by taking the same in equal quantity and this mixture should be sprinkled on the places where they freely move. Sugar will attract the Cockroaches and Backing - soda will kill,them.
    5) A regular cleaning of the floors, sink and holes are desirable preferably with some disinfectants such as Dettol to take care of this menace. Food - stuffs should be packed in closed container making the food -,articles inaccessible to them.

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    Getting rid of cockroaches natural is easier.But usage of powerful insecticides will be like exposing yourself to the toxic chemicals.Natural ways to get rid of cockroaches are
    1. Always Clean and Clean again
    2.Holes and Cracks required to be sealed up.
    3.Check for any water leaks,if any,fix it up.
    4. Homemade cockroach killing powder -Mixture of boric acid and sugar.
    5. Keep your space at home cooler as possible.
    6.Just Kill it.

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    Thanks for giving me a chance to help out...I strongly recommend New Hit..comes n red color cane, superbly worked out in my house to get rid of cockroaches...without any doubt go for it guyz...hope you'll love it too

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    Apart from all that has been described above by our esteemed members I also suggest using INSECT REPELLENT PLANTS which provide a permanent way to keep your home insect free. Such plants include citronella (lemon grass), catnip, bay leaves, mint, marigold, rosemary, lavender, basil, lemon balm, thyme, parsley etc. These plants and some others repel not only cockroaches but also all kind of insects such as mosquitoes, beetles, flies and other pests and make your house a healthy living place. The best thing about such plants is

    • They drive away insects naturally. There is no chemical process at work.

    • Rather than creating the drive-away effect in one go and for one time such plants create a permanent environment of repulsion with respect to the insects. So insects discard your home as a habitat and disappear gradually.

    • You can plant such plants in pots and then move the pots in your house at your will, thus selecting those spots and corners where they are needed most and are more effective.

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    Try to use Lakshman rekha in your house to get rid of cockroaches. It will very much helpful to get rid of baby and adult cockroaches.
    Try to clean your home regularly and remove eggs of the cockroaches. This will help you to destroy the reproductive cycle of Cockroaches. You can also use HIT and spray it regularly in your home especially in your kitchen.

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    To get rid of cockroaches you have to clean the house. Please don't keep any unwanted stuff especially machine's which is not used since many years and lying in the garage. Cockroaches and lizards always enter the home where there is old stuff kept. To get rid of cockroach is use lakshman rekha chalk piece. Draw a line where ever you find cockroaches use it in night time. Most effective repellant for cockroach which I use every month for cockroaches.

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    1. Buy good containers of food and always keep all food ( cereals , rice , grains etc) always inside it.
    2. Keep direct eatables inside refrigerator. If you don't have fridge then only option is take flat surface vessel and pour water in it. Keep your food container in that water at center so cockroaches can not smell and reach there.
    3. Clean Gas stove after use. Most cockroaches make there colony inside gas stove.
    4. Investigate source where cockroaches coming inside home and close that opening. Mostly it will be wash basin sinks.
    5. Use cockroach repellent and killing items like Hit and Lakshman Rekha chalk.

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