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    Need educational guidance for career growth

    Interested in advancing your career? Searching for relevant Management course? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I have completed 10th Maharashtra State Board in 1989-90 and First year junior college in Commerce in 1990-91.
    Later on I did 3 years technical course of National Council of Vocational Training -Machinist from Siemens Ind. Pvt. Ltd.(1991-94).
    My total experience is of 21 years in Food product company. Since last 2 years I am working as Procurement Executive in the same company.
    For career growth, I would like to go for Management course:
    1. Is it necessary to complete Higher Secondary, as i have already done 3 years technical course?
    2. Which management course would be helpful?
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    It helps if you have management experience. See if you can get assistant management post if possible. Because if you don't have the educational qualification in management. Then usually it affects your career growth that way. As you have experience in the food product company. So management course in industrial management seems useful. Apart from that you can also choose finance management or human resource management.

    If your company allows to use experience instead of higher education, then you can try that. If not then maybe getting higher educational degree definitely helps.

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    Your experience to the extent of 21 years in Food - industry appears to be the plus point but at the same time, you need to augment your Management - qualification so that you can enjoy the managerial position later on in your company.
    After analyzing your case, I can recommend three streams which could prove to be of immense help in your case. Industrial management is the are where you would be exposed to a new regime and would develop the familiarity with judicious use of man, machine and tool and in a given circumstances how best the production can be augmented.
    Human - resources qualification is important to be aware of human - psychology and how best this sensitive resources can be motivated to achieve the production of the desired level.
    Now consider Finance - management dealing with detailed and in depth study of allocation of finance in different projects. You would come to know the taxation - structure, import duty and the different sources from where the finance can be raised including the share - market.
    You may opt any of these but you need to choose a reputed institute for the perusal of the same so that you achieve a sound - concept in your chosen area.
    In order to acquire a Management - degree, you need to earn a graduation degree recognised from a university. That should be your first endeavor to acquire it prior to perusal of the Management - degree.

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