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    What is the purpose and benefit of dual SIM cards in a smartphone?

    Wondering about the presence of 2 SIM cards on a smartphone? Check out responses from experts on this page to resolve your query.

    I am a firt-time smartphone user. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 I have purchased has dual SIM cards.

    I would like to know:
    1. What exactly is the purpose of 2 SIM cards?
    2. Can both SIM cards be used simultaneously? If yes, then how and would that affect the battery life of the smartphone?
    3. Suggest how to effectively use both the SIM cards.
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    I would congratulate on your new purchase of Redmi Note 3.Even ,am using the same phone.A dual SIM enabled phone means it could hold two SIM cards.The Purpose of two SIM cards in a phone helps to:
    1.Its not required to carry two phones,if you are dual user of different service provider.It works in just switching the SIM cards in phone.
    2.Dual SIM phones work in with two different service provider.We can choose the service of our interest and start using for Data,Calls or SMS,as per the interest.
    3. One SIM ,you can use as your personal and other for your business or official,to keep the privacy.This would help you to differentiate which call is from office or personal.
    4.Can get reimburse for official calls,if you have separate phone number for official works,then you will be able to track,how much it is spent.
    5.Can make use of service provider deals in two different SIM.One can use for Data,other just for calls.
    6.Sometimes,When you be in travel,or go outside you state,can get the SIM of that region to use or which provides better network.

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    Dual SIM based were designed for multiple purpose.

    1. Such phones allows user to use two different numbers on same phone.
    2. They can make use of the communication apps on two different set of phones with new android features.
    3. They can use the phone SIM - one for data use and another for voice use.
    4. They can choose to be on phone while they want to avoid the call from another. With single SIM you can't do that unless you are shown either blocking or not available.
    5. Different networks can be used in same phone. Allowing you to use the phone where one network does not have much reach.
    6. You can disable one number while keeping another active. And still be using the phone as normal.

    These are some of the common usage scenarios of the Dual SIM phone.

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    Congratulations to you ma'am! on your new purchase of Redmi Note 3. I would like to add some uses of dual sim- sim for local purpose can be use and the other for roaming purpose. I have two sim one from Idea for local purpose and other BSNL for roaming purpose while going out of station.Bsnl is providing free roaming across india.
    2. In some location there is a network problem, if you have dual sim one will work.
    3.One can be used for personal purpose, only close friend and relatives should know this number.
    4.If you have given your no. in some data base for example while submitting form for competitive examination, there are the people will know many schools and institutions and marketing companies about your number.You will get many sms and calls at unwanted time which may disturbwhile in office/meeting. disable such sim for sometimes.
    5. You can take Jio sim now as data, calls and internet are free upto march 2017. After that keep it if charges suits otherwise take it out. Thus you can use second slot.

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    Its great that you have purchased a dual sim smartphone. The main reasons for dual sim is that
    1. When we are using two sims with two different network connection, Suppose if one network is down then we can use the other one.
    2. One may be the regular sim which we are using for a long time and the call rates may be high, which we cannot change,by using dual sim we can use another sim with recent and cheap call rates.
    3. Suppose if you wish to use two sim's, then you have take two phones but now in one phone you can use two sim.
    4. Network also can be used in two when there is dual sim in your phone.
    5. When your using dual sim you can use one sim for business purpose and another for personal use. Both of them can be used in one phone itself.
    6. When your using dual sim and in that one sim if your using for work or business purpose then you can calculate how much you spend on calls for your work.
    7.Dual sim allows to receive call on both the sim. suppose if your talking in one sim and a call is coming from other sim2, then you can put the sim1 call on hold and receive the sim2 call. simultaneously you can use both the sim together.
    8. Dual sim using increases your storage capacity. some number you save in sim1 and some in sim2.

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    It is better to have dual sim because
    1) If you have 1 sim where there is lack of benefit from it and you want try some other sim where you have benefits.For this dual sim option is given.
    2) In dual sim you get two sims where you can take advantage by taking new sim with great offers like free unlimited internet browsing for 2 months, masseging benefits, calls benefits.
    3) One sim you can use for longer time with same number and second sim you can use for benefits.

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    Advantage of Dual Sim Cards in Smart Phone

    It is very advantageous to have dual sim in smart phone. Following few points are in support of the dual sim in smart phone.
    1. It is very advantageous if the sims are from two different service providers. You can widen your network by using two sims from different service provider. Sometimes we go to a place where one sim is not detecting any network but another one is detecting.
    2. By using two sims from different operators, you have flexibility in plans. Some operators are giving better data plans and some operators are giving better voice call plan.
    3. If you are using BSNL/MTNL sim, you can enjoy free incoming in roaming.
    4. Currently market is flooded with JiO sim, which is free up to 31st March 2017, even in roaming also. In JiO sim everything is free.
    5. If you are using double sim, you can hold your incoming call and make another call from second sim.
    6. I f you are using double sim, battery life of phone is adversely affected, but it can be overpowered by the use of power bank.
    7. Out of the two sims, one can be used for official purpose and another one can be used as personal.

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    Below answers for your questions related to Dual SIM phones .

    1. What exactly is the purpose of 2 SIM cards?
    Think of it like the wireless version of a two-line wired phone. You can have two different numbers, as well as different plans, but only have to carry one phone around. One use would be for someone who uses it for business and personal. You could have separate numbers and accounts, helping to separate business and personal use. The company could pay for the business SIM and you pay for the personal one.

    Alternately, you could use both for personal and/or business, but just use different SIM cards for another reason. Like maybe you have one plan that's great on local and another good with long distance, or maybe you have one plan that's prepaid and another billed monthly. You might also use the phone in areas with patchy network coverage, or while traveling, since you often pay less for calls made in the network of the provider you're with.
    Could you use it with just one SIM card? I'm sure. It's like having a two-line phone with only one line hooked up

    2. Can both SIM cards be used simultaneously? If yes, then how and would that affect the battery life of the smartphone?
    No, both SIM cards cant be used simultaneously as our phone functionality is to take up one sim as primary and works on that. Based on your preference of data selection in sim data connectivity works.

    3. Suggest how to effectively use both the SIM cards.
    As per the answer to first one, you can use one for your personal use and other for official related to work. Or other means you can have one standard number which is with all your contacts and have another SIM which has the best Voice and data plans and you can go ahead take up that till that offer is there. Then you switch to another provider, if in case it provides best. All this your standard SIM which all your relatives and friends has stays with you.

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    We always need alternatives and additions. We need standby for exigencies.
    When it comes to the case of a mobile phone much of these are taken care by a double SIM smart phone.

    1. Cost and inconvenience of having a second phone is solved by a double SIM phone.

    2. We remain connected better with a double SIM phone because with single SIM there may be areas where the signals of that operator are weak or not available, the roaming arrangement is not there etc. But with an additional SIM of a different operator, the probability good connectivity is more.

    3. Segregation of each SIM for a specific purpose.. Data facility may be used exclusively on one and voice calls and messages on the other. Similarly one SIM can be linked to WhatsApp etc.

    4.Business,personal and secure dealings can be separated and segregated by exclusivity of each SIM.

    5. If there is a limit of billing, then there can be a prudent use of a suitable SIM from the two.

    6.SIM space based data can be prudently accommodated by using two SIMs.

    However, the biggest disadvantage is that if the phone becomes faulty, you lose the functioning of two phones at the same time. Hence one should be careful and prudently cautious in using a double SIM phone. It is always better to shut down one SIM during long travel etc., to avoid battery drain.

    I had a '3 SIM' phone some years ago. It worked wonderfully and very useful with a lot of features. But alas! on a fine morning it went phut. I had to buy another phone immediately without going for any homework.
    Except such a similar situation, a double SIM phone is really useful ,convenient and economical.

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    Dual sim is definitely better than single as it provides lot of convenience and flexibility to the user.
    This is specially very useful for persons moving between two far off places.
    For example one of my friend is frequently travelling between Dehradun (Uttarakhand) and Mumbai to take care of the parents whenever his younger brother in Dehradun is out of town for a long time. He has taken two connections in his dual sim phone - one in Dehradun and other in Mumbai.
    This has facilitated him for smooth and economic use of mobile networks in addition to the convenience.

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    The purpose of dual SIM cards is to be able to use two SIM cards in one phone. It is a feature to enable you to be connected on two service numbers on a single mobile handset.
    Both the sim cards can be used simultaneously. You'll observe two network slots on your mobile screen when both the SIM cards are properly placed in the SIM slots of the handset. This enables you to be able to make and receive calls on both numbers. However, if one of your number is on an active call, the dial out to another number may show as unreachable.
    Both SIM cards can be effectively used together by optimising the SIM that provides lower outgoing charges. Like, I've a permanent number for 10 years with Vodafone but there are no discounted call rates applied to Vodafone and it turns out to be expensive to make high number of outgoing calls and data usage on Vodafone. Hence I use that number for only incoming calls. However, I have another SIM Jio that offers me value for money and hence I use that number for making calls and data usage. If you initiate making a call from your dual phone, it will ask you from which SIM you want to dial out. There are certain settings if you want to always dial out from SIM1 or SIM2

    Thanks & Best Regards,

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