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    Is there any danger if I have liver echotexture

    Suffering from liver echotexture? Searching for advice? Find suggestions from experts on this page.

    I have jaundice, altered echotexture of liver and enlargement of spleen in size . Both the kidneys are working well. The liver is normal in size(15 cm).
    The spleen:enlarged in size(12.9 cm) and normal in echo e/o focal lesion.
    Is this any danger?
    What precautions should be taken?
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  • The liver is the biggest gland and largest gland of our body. It entitles to perform nearly 500 functions.Some of the functions are: digestion of food from the intestine,bile manufacturing,fats control,amino acids and glucose level in the blood. If the liver is damaged .then its ability to fight against the infections will be affected or impaired.
    Eco texture means different patterns of tissue layers which is seen during ultrasound scan.Generally if you have liver Eco texture,then there could be certain symptoms as below
    1.Weight Gain
    2.High Cholesterol
    This could be more related to Fatty liver disease.Am not a doctor to give you an exact advice on the above.But still I would suggest you to avoid things that can affect your liver and also recommend to visit a specialist doctor ,if you have any queries or doubts. A Specialist doctor would be the best person to advice or guide you in correct way.

  • Liver is the most important organ in human body. The symptoms of this is alcohol consumption, diabetes,
    insulin resistance, high cholesterol or hereditary, Overheating of the body,Excessive sweating, Red itchy eyes and others. For echo texture you must consult your doctor and follow the medication. Along with you need to have proper diet like eating more vegetables which is rich in proteins and right fats. Raw vegetable juice is very good. But before you start you consult your doctor regarding this diet plan and then proceed.

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