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    Query about Different categories of industries.

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    Which are the main factors which influence the location of an industry? Which industry is often referred to as the backbone of modern industry and why? Why cotton textile industry is rapidly expanded in Mumbai? What are the similarities between information technology industry in Bangalore and California?
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    Location of industries are based on different factors such as climatic condition of region, raw material availability, labor, market availability, Transport facilities etc. Cotton textile industry rapidly expanded in Mumbai because of black soil for farming in Maharashtra region. Black soil of Maharashtra is good for cotton. Also it is easy to import from other country through port. Large population and cheap labor is available.

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    As per me the similarities of IT industry in Bangalore and California is that both are having well equipped and latest technology method. They are having talented people to work in the field they want. The most wanted is that they have good networking

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    Factors influencing the location of an industry are-
    (i) Raw material (ii) Availability of power/energy for running the industry (iii) Transportation facility to carry raw material and manufactured goods (iv) Water (v) Availability of skilled and semi skilled labor (vi) Market facility and employee friendly environment like facility of school/colleges, medical facility etc.

    Iron and Steel Industry is referred as backbone of modern industry, because most of the things we use are made of iron/steel. In our surrounding tools, machinery, vehicles, utensils etc. are made of iron and steel.
    Drilling and cutting tools are made of iron and steel. To construct a large building steel frame work is done.

    Cotton industry was rapidly expanded in Bombay because of human friendly climate, availability of raw material, skilled and semi skilled labour and energy sources to run the industry. Good transportation facility to carry raw material and transport manufactured goods.

    Similarities between Bangalore and California to develop IT industry are-
    Similar climatic condition, human friendly environment and atmosphere, availability of market and skilled labour. Good transportation facility in both the places.

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    Factors influencing the location of industries are
    1. Availability of enough raw materials.
    3.Power Energy
    4. Availability of Labor
    5.Required Water
    6. Space of Market
    7. Availability of capital and financial resources.

    Backbone of modern industry is Iron and Steel Industry.
    1. Almost everything is made of either iron or steel.
    2.Mining of minerals are done by iron and steel.
    3.Most of the day to day things are made of steel or iron like utensils,trains,trucks,ships etc.
    4.Buildings are also composed of iron or steel.
    5.Tools used for agriculture,machinery are made of iron and steel.

    Reason for Cotton Textile Industry flourished in Mumbai:
    1. Climatic condition of Mumbai is humid.
    2. Availability of shipping port for importing.
    3.Large amount of skilled labors.
    4.Raw Material.

    Similarities between IT industry in Bangalore and California.
    1.Pleasant climate
    2.Advanced technological Centers.
    3.High Rated Education Institutions.
    4.Closer to airports with good network of roads
    5.Skilled Labor
    6.Reach to Markets is easier.

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    Factors influencing the locations of industries are as follows-
    1) Availability of raw materials in the adjacent place in order to minimise the time for its accessibility thereby saving the unwanted expenditure.
    2) Easy availability of trained manpower to run the Industry smoothly.
    3) Road as well train connectivity should be smooth for both raw materials and despatch of the final products.
    4) Enough power supply to run the Industry effectively.
    5)Acessibility of abundant water - supply.
    6) Smooth marketing oppurtunities.
    7) The management must be financially sound to take care of the industries when large financial resources would be needed for the upgradation / expansion of the existing units.
    Iron and Steel- industry is the backbone of the modern Industries. The following points would justify this statement.
    1) Tools, Machinaneries, Car- components and Construction of Bridges cannot be conceived without steel.
    2) Ships and Railway tracks are made up of special - steel.
    3) Steel is an integral part in the construction of Buildings.
    4) Heat resistant steel, Chromium, Manganese and Tungeston steels are used in certain areas and there is no substitute for such application.
    There are certain factors which have favourable influence in the growth of cotton - industry in Mumbai. The reasons are as follows-
    1) Enough raw- materials.
    2) Favourable climatic condition for the running of industries.
    3)'Availability of skilled labours to manage the Industry.
    4) Facility for Inport of the finished product by means of Shipping.
    Simililarities of IT industry between Bengaluru and Calofornia are as follow-
    1) Conducive - environment
    2) Good infrastructure supporting the IT environment .
    3) Talented man- power.
    4) Good connectivities in terms of transportation in both the places.
    5) Research activities in both the places are encouraged.
    6) Motivated work - force in both the places.

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    Lot of information given by members regarding placement and other attributes for industries. I want to add that today the industries are highly influenced by the changing technologies and in such a scenario they are changing their products and sometimes even locations to cope up the dynamic business environments nationally as well as globally.
    Many major US companies have opened their manufacturing units in Asian countries to reduce the labor costs. Today in India also lot of industrialization and globalization is taking place at a very fast pace and industries are realigning themselves in this changing environment.
    Availability of cheaper raw materials else where are forcing companies to reform their strategies as local raw material cost are becoming more than that of far off place even after considering the transport charges.

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    Main factors which influence the location of an industry are:
    • Availability of raw material
    • Availability of cheap labour
    • Availability of power and other infrastructure
    • Availability to markets
    • Availability of suitable and swift means of transportation
    Iron and Steel industry is often referred to as the backbone of modern industry or basic industry because of the following reason:
    • All industry required machine and we all know that machine are made up of iron and steel that's why iron and steel industry are called basic industry or the backbone of the other industry.
    Most of the cotton industries earlier were centred in Maharashtra and Gujarat because of the following reason:
    • Existence of humid climate
    • Availability of cotton,
    • Availability of markets,
    • Availability of transport facilities
    •Availability of cheap labour.
    Similarities between information technology industry in Bangalore and California are:
    • In both palaces Industry are fully developed.
    • Both places have good infrastructure.
    • Climate of both places are moderate

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