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    How to earn more using affiliate marketing?

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    There are many ways to earn online.
    One of them is affiliate marketing. I have affiliated with few of websites and using third party like payoom for others.
    I have my own website and put the affiliated links on my website, when I see performance reports on these websites, they show few clicks, but still my earning is zero. It means visitors are clicking the links but not purchasing anything.
    Can you provide some ideas which I can use so that people will be attracted to my website and purchase by clicking on the links.
    My website link is:
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    I visited your website, I think it should be more attractive and have detailed description regarding your offers. For Example AVG download. Before download the user would like to know whether its a free version or purchase version. If its purchase version, the user would like to know the duration period of trail version. At least brief description you should give about AVG i,e the function of the software and the advantages of it by installing. Most of them will not have an idea about that software. Its better to give a short and a detailed description about your offers. To get more views you can post that in social media's, where it will help your number of views. Advertise about your site in most of the free ads site. By all this slowly it will be recognized.

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    There are some way by which you can grow up your earning:_
    * Major Coupon sites, like retailmenot, and
    * Major Bonus sites like Upromise and Ebates
    * Major Branded Loyalty Shopping networks: like Cartera and DBG
    * Virtual Currency networks that give users game points in exchange for completing advertiser offers: like TrialPay and TapJoy
    * Major Product Comparison sites: like TopTenReviews
    * Affiliates with coupon sites that bid on merchant Trademark+ keywords such as " Coupon Code".
    * Affiliates that cheat and bid on merchants trademark terms in google search, pretending to be them. (We use BrandVerity to combat this)
    * Niche content sites that have high SEO ranking on particular product related keywords.

    Saket Kumar
    Real Eyes Realize Real Lies.

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    I keyed in your website's name in my browser and tried to look at the site as a customer would do. What appealed to me most about your problem was the fact that the site did not attract me to buy anything. The ads were simply incorporated as on thousands of other sites. So here is what you should do:
    1. Specialize on a certain part of the market. For example, if you have good knowledge on apparels you may put more ads relating to fashion industry. Why I emphasize this is if people start visiting your site as a specialized spot on apparels your job is done. They will definitely buy through your site too.
    2. Now since you are an expert on apparels hone your knowledge more so as to give insights on the designs. Write posts to provide details that other sites don't. For example, what kind of dresses a person of certain body shape may wear or what'll s/he look good in etc. Ads should accompany such posts.
    3. Next you have to go for searching and displaying ads which are about offers, i.e. like '30% off' or 'buy 1 get 2' etc. Try to pick the best deals so customers would know your site for most attractive offers.
    4. Apart from the ads try to put your own composed unique, enticing pics and videos. These attract customers.
    5. Use seasonal advantage. I mean, festivals and occasions push customers to buy in lots. For instance, marriage season in India is a good time to sell jewelry and apparels.

    If you want to work with more than one or two specializations try to take help from your friends in such fields.
    Lastly, it takes time to build and establish your affiliate market and customers. So keep trying and be patient.

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    Affiliate marketing relies on the content and the traffic. So you need to be really good at both of these. If you are not good at either, then you are less likely to make money. You have to make sure there are things such as this that makes you money. It takes time to get hold of your traffic and convert it well. But it comes in due time.

    1. Make sure you are good at specific niche. Say you want to sell acne cream. You have to make a blog on that topic. This also works if you are focused on finding solution to those things. You have to create content accordingly.

    2. Most of the affiliate marketers are finding traffic through social media and SEO. So you may have to target that too. You just have to focus on bringing as many people as possible.

    3. You also need some branding. For example ccoupondunia has more affiliate sales. The reason being branding. So people remember the name.

    4 Think of sales all the time. If it does not bring sales, don't waste time on it. You have to be that strict when it comes to affiliate sales.

    5. Use google adwords and Facebook ads on your landing pages. That does work most of the time. You just have to be patient with results.

    These are some of the things that have helped most of the affiliate marketers, You should definitely persists and focus on the results.

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    Almost all have said very important points on Affiliate Marketing and its earning. The basic thing over here is, the blog or website has to have enough traffic to get natural click and product selling, specially visitors from Europe or American region. Sometime Affiliate company won't pay you immediately and some takes more than two months to verify and pay. This is case to case basis. If you would like to get much European and American visitors to your blog then try to write and publish the content accordingly and wait for turn.

    As said, even though there was a click but not sure about the product sale, even in case if there was a product sale from the click/s then again you have to be patience and wait for few weeks or months to verify, finalize and credit the amount to your account. This is the normal procedure of Affiliate marketing and its ad for bloggers.

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    Hello everyone, I have made few changes in design and description of this website, please have a look and suggest some improvements. I have added this to google search and bing search engine.

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    After taking a closer look at your website, I've come to this conclusion which are tabulated below.

    1. Website isn't optimized for mobile: Note that, 60% traffics comes from smart mobile phones.
    2. Sidbar widget: Adjust the SBW to right if you're promoting affiliate products.
    3. Adjust the Menus

    Secondly, if you're writing in the niche of Tech, then refrain from promoting pesonal care products. Match your niche with affiliate sites that promotes gadets, gizmos or apps to raise your earnings. An instance idea can be plagarized from my official Word Press blog Deohut.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    First of all it is good to see that you own a good domain name. When coming to the point that you are using blogger with templates that got from blogger itself, not much attactive for to convince a customer to buy something using the site. I recommend you to change the template and have arrange things in a good layout so that anyone who come to the website will see it is worthy. Another point is hat it is not easy for to do affiliative marketing with a website alone you have to start advertising so that you will get good amount of visitors as well as give some product details and manage seo so traffic to the site will get increase. It is also good to compare product prices and other infos of different online marketing sites are provides so that people find your site as a better place to choose the best online shop for buy their willing product. I personally suggest to use different template rather than the current as it is not much attractive.
    With Regards

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    There are thousands of templates to choose from responsive to elegant. The look and fell also attract few visitors. The design should match with you blogging niche to promote third party's products.
    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    Earning through affiliate marketing is not that easy because there are thousand others who are also trying their best to earn through it. So, you will have to stand apart from this crowd.
    First you need to get at least 1000 unique visitors on your site everyday. Because the probability of making a purchase from an affiliate site is only 2-10 out of 1000 because most people only visit affiliate site to get information about the product. They like to purchase it directly from the official website.
    So, how can you earn? Yes, you can if you will shift your focus from earning to helping. If you are listing numerous products on your site with a hope that the visitor will buy one from the huge list then you are mistaken. Why will he buy from your site. He can also get that list even more on the official site.
    So, you should select some specific product then write about it in very detail to clear each and every doubt of a customer. You should focus on preparing a detail buyer guide than only providing small piece of information and then bombing rest of the page with affiliate links.

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