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    Coaching for competitive exams

    Have a query about preparation for competitive exams? Find advice from experts on this page.

    Those who are preparing for Staff Selection Examinations, Bank exams or any other government job exams, do you prefer to take professional coaching to face the exam or you want to prepare on your own?

    If yes, then please specify your expectations from an institute if you are planning to join any for preparing.
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  • As a person who has cleared all the competitive examinations (in which he appeared) for Government jobs without attending any coaching institute, I would like to state the following few facts:-

    (i) A student/candidate must understand that the pattern of questions of every compettive examination is different from other.
    (ii) Every candidate must explore the question papers of previous years and sample papers (of a particular examination) to have a feel about the questions.
    (iii) The stress area of a particular competitive examination is diiferent from the stress area of another competitive examination. As for example, in banking service recruitment examination, in General Knowledge, stress is given on current affairs and economic data, whereas in Staff Selection Commission examinations, in General Knowledge, stress is given on classical GK.
    (iv) A candidate goes for coaching when he/she fails to understand the pattern of a particular competitive examination.
    (v) So a candidate must expect the followings from a coaching institute: (a) Clear guidance about the pattern of question papers of a particular competitive examination; (b) identifying the stress areas; (c) adequate practice of sample papers of a particular examination with time-management; and (d) clearing the doubts and strengthening the weak areas of individual candidates.

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  • In order to prepare a Competitive examination such as Staff Selection Examination, I would recommend you to choose a distinguished Institute for your guidance though at the first glance, such decision may not involve a costly affair but in the long run, you would be appreciated for your rational stand. I would enlist a few points why there is such a recommendation from my side to choose a right Institute.
    1) At each stage of your preparation, you will get valuable inputs so all the doubts with which you may be encountered are sorted out in a quickest possible time.
    2) You could save your time by not resorting to different ways and in that way, there is substantial time of saving.
    3) You would be provided with all the relevant subject materials for the smooth preparation of the competitive examination.
    4) The subject materials provided by the reputed Institutes would enhance your basic fundamentals of each and every subject including your preparation for GK.
    5) You need not move here and there to collect the materials of different papers thereby saving your precious time.
    6) From your end, improve your speaking skill in both English and Hindi so that your presentation skill is impressive.
    7) Maintain your confidence level and be positive.

  • Such competitive exams once used to be competed with the help of talent, promptness, knowledge and presence of mind. But of late, the coaching institutes have mechanised the preparation process. Their experts prepare ready-to-eat modules which contain exactly what one needs. So candidates preactise and with limited time to answer the questions (MCQ pattern) the candidates who are best from the point of view of 'speed' and accuracy' get selected.
    My point is that in this kind of environment it's difficult not to opt for a coaching and still get selected. Else, you can prepare for the required level of speed and accuracy by toiling hard on internet where lots of free study material and solved questions are available.

  • Preparing for a competitive exam depends on a person and his grasping power. Going to coaching institute is not mandatory. There are many people who have cleared various competitive exams by self preparation.
    1. A person appearing for exam should dedicare few hours for preparation everyday.
    2. One should make sure to check all the previous years paper. Also one should give mock test to know the preparation level.
    3. Since General Knowledge is very important for competitive exam, a person should have his knowledge updated. He or she should read news paper, watch news everyday.
    4. Also since English is very important he should make sure to read more English books.
    5. Once you decide to appear for competitive exam, don't delay in preparations. Start it immediately.
    If you find self studying is difficult, then you can opt for coaching institutes. But don't judge it is difficult without trying.

  • Preparing for a competitive exam depends on a person's educational back ground and how he has performed during his academics. It also depends upon what is the difficulty level of the exam for which he is going to appear. What is the guidance available in his family and neighborhood. Going to coaching institute is not mandatory if the individual feels easy and has the command over the subjects and syllabus of the exam.There are many people who have cleared various competitive exams by self preparation including me. I have never taken any tution or coaching in my life and has acquired higher education.
    If somebody feels the need for coaching, he must see the following things in an institute.
    1. Faculty qualification and experience
    2.Size of class prefer small size batch
    3. Physical environment such as sitting arrangements, temperature inside the room, air ventilation, proper light etc.
    4. Fee structure
    5.Track record, what is the selection rate.
    6. Distance from your residence and mode of conveyance
    7. Better delivery and teaching add
    8. sit down in demo class and see the quality. method and style of teaching whether it is suitable to you.
    9.Adequate practice of model papers
    10. clearing the doubts .

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