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    Is data scientist really the sexiest job of 21 century?

    Planning to become a data scientist? Wondering what to study? Find advice from experts on this page.

    How to become a data scientist?
    In which stream you should go after 10?
    Which subject to choose to become a data scientist?
    Which course is required for it?
    Can I become a data scientist after MCA?
    Is the income of data scientist high and how much?
    Is this job a good job?
    Can we do it with Commerce or PCM? If yes, which courses will need to be studied to become a data scientist?
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  • Data science is very important for every sector and it has turned out to be one of the fastest growing field. It has some high paid salaries compared to any other job out there. Depending on who employs you, the salary would be above or at par with the software developers or even manager.

    1. In order to become data scientist, you need formal course in R, Python and Statistics. It takes 6 month for such course. And after that you need some practical experience with data for real world scenarios.

    2. You can choose any stream. There is no limitation of degree for this job. But you need to understand statistics and maths, which often is limited to Science and Commerce. So doing the education in one of those fields definitely worth it.

    3. You can choose Bsc or Engineering or Commerce degree. And after that choose to do the data science course and certification. This way you can make one step towards the job ready skill set.

    4. Course in stats, maths and programming helps. In most of the data science courses they give you training on python, R and Stats. So you can either choose to have some course that gives you training on this. or you can learn it through the course.

    5. You can become data scientist after MCA or Engineering. There should be no issue with that.

    6. Data scientist are usually get employed in MNC and some companies that deal with data. So the income of the data scientist is usually starting with 30K and onwards. It remains steady for upto 2 years and then increment. It is high paid job depending on who employed you.

    7. It can be good job if you like working on math for everyday work. If you don't like math and stats, then definitely data science is not for you.

    8. Yes you can do it as a commerce graduate and later MCA. As long as you have experience with maths through PCM or PCMB, you can get into data science. Unfortunately arts students often may not be accepted as data science jobs.

    Hope this answers your queries.

  • There is no doubt that data science is one of the topmost jobs currently regarding salary. Data in our world is always on the increase and that's why things like 'Big Data' are heard in our daily lives. In order to take care of this data and also have consequential information from this data to get help in decision making we need to analyse it. This analysis and use of the insights obtained from the available data are what constitute the field of data science.

    Another important field which works in collaboration with data science is 'machine learning'. Simply put it means imitating a data pattern. So if previous data is available, formation and projection of future data is possible with machine learning.

    As was mentioned, data is continuously growing. So it's quite natural that data science and machine learning fields are and will rule the roost in present and future. They ultimately convert to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

    The basic computer languages used in this field are 'R' and 'Python'. A good knowledge of maths, specially statistics is a prerequisite. However data science courses entail a peep into statistical fundamentals too.

    So, correctly said it's one of the most sought after sectors of the 21st century.

  • To become Data Scientist, you can choose any stream after 10th class. For becoming Data Scientist an individual should be intelligent in statistics and mathematics. These two subjects are taught in mathematics or commerce stream. So, it is advantageous to go for science or commerce stream after 10th class.
    For under graduate courses, you can get enrollment in B. Com./B. Sc./B.Tech. courses. Data Science is fast growing field. Apart from the knowledge of statistics and mathematics, Data Scientist must be good enough in visualization and it can be achieved by proper training. After graduation an individual can join AnalytixLab. It can be joined either in classroom or on line training. Program of Analytics Lab is Data Science with SAS And R And Certified Data Analyst. There are many institute available to train you to become Data Scientist.
    If you are going for the job of Data Scientist after MCA, You will be at edge of advantage. Presently Job of Data Scientist is very good. Its future is very bright. It doesn't matter, whether you are science graduate or commerce graduate. If you are good in mathematics, statics and programming, then you will be a successful Data Scientist.

  • How to become a data scientist?
    Data scientist is a person who is good at statistics, data analysis, machine learning and one programming language like R, Python .We call him as a civil engineer of data .He builds a model from the data we have and makes prediction from the data patterns.

    In which stream you should go after 10?
    You can either opt for B.Tech CSE/Data Analytics. After joining a Commerce course like B.Com or Bsc Statistics also you can become a data scientist.

    Which subject to choose to become a data scientist?
    You need to good at machine learning, data analysis and statistics.

    Which course is required for it?
    Any course having statistics, machine learning or data analysis.

    Can I become a data scientist after MCA?
    Yes you can definitely
    is the income of data scientist high and how much?
    Depends on the organization that you work for and the knowledge you have. For you self motivation you can read research papers pertaining to data science and machine learning. You can even write a research paper. This will help you showcase your skill when you apply for a job.
    Is this job a good job?
    Yes this is a very good job.It is not the same thing that you have to do everyday but there is a different approach for every problem which you have to find.Prediction from data is always a good task.
    Can we do it with Commerce or PCM? If yes, which courses will need to be studied to become a data scientist?
    Again my answer is statistics,machine learning and data analysis.Data analysis also covers visualization of data.

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