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    Query about increasing height

    Searching for remedies to increase height? On this page experts shall resolve your query.

    I am 15 years old. I will reach 16 this March. I started menstrual cycle when I was in 9th.My height is 5.4' and I want just 2 more inches to reach my goal 5.6'. I have many dreams which I have to achieve but if this major problem will not be solved I can't complete my dreams.
    I don't know the common workouts or the diet plans to increase height. I am ready to to all hardwork needed.
    What can I do to increase my height and can my height be increased?
    Suggestions needed.
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  • An abundant sleep is the most important thing for growth in height. Because when we are asleep our body produces growth hormone.
    Doing regular squats can be very helpful. Occasional fasting and dieting is also recommended.
    Riding a bicycle and walking for atleast 30 minutes daily, stimulates your growth hormones.
    Try eating seafood and high protein content foods.
    Regular pull-ups are also quite effective.
    Drink a lot of milk.
    Also pay a close attention to your posture. Stooping too much can cause you growth troubles.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • To gain height you should take proper rest and maintain your body mass index as per medical chart. Increased BMI is the hindrance to height gain. Do not go for body building exercise or weight lifting. There are some exercises to increase the height. With the help of trained coach do the height enhancing exercises regularly.
    Take the advice of dietitian for food that helps in producing growth hormone.
    Do not get pressurized to increase your height. If you are under tension, hormonal dis balance will be there. Be calm and do proper exercise advised by trainer. Generally up to the age of 18 years height increases in case of female. Another two years are there to increase your height.

  • In terms of age you have still time for increasing the height. You just have to pay attention to your BMI value. And then see how much you can increase the height. Anything above 5 inch is a good height. If you can increase above 5'5'' then that is good too.

    You can try cycling, basketball and some other gym exercise related to height. Also you may have to adjust your diet accordingly. It may not be easy for you to increase after the age of 18. So make sure you take effort as much as you can in current few years ahead.

    If nothing works, focus on the games such as cycling and basketball. That has worked for many. And it should work in your case.

  • To increase the height after 15, You must have follow these steps:-

    1. Avoid Growth Inhibitors which can cause in the lack of the height of person
    2. You should get the proper nutrition to grow the height.
    3.You must be a stress free person because it will seen that a person who will in a lots of stress it do not grow more.
    4. You must take the proper sleep.
    5.Do the exercise the daily.
    6. You must spend more the tine in the presence of the sun light.

    Please follow these steps, you height might be increase.

    Saket Kumar
    Real Eyes Realize Real Lies.

  • Hello Yogita,

    Don't worry and don't demoralize about your height because this is natural element of body. Our body have some stems and cell and other components on which our height growth is depends.

    Here I tell you an unique exercise, that are very useful in growth of height. The steps for this exercise are as follows-

    Step 1 In morning time, go to a peaceful place in your home or any where as you feel peaceful.

    Step 2 Stand straightforward on a plain floor.

    Step 3 Your hands up and then hands down slowly slowly and touch your foot nails.

    Step 4 Repeat the step 3 at least 20 times per day.

    caution : Don't use this exercise if you suffers back pain or any other similar disease.

  • Your height is decided by the genetic factors i.e. the height of your mother or father. It is generally said that by playing games like basket ball in which you jump higher or by hanging from a horizontal pole, height can be increased. But I cannot confirm such sayings. I believe that your height is decided by your genes and you can't do much about that.


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