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    Is AICTE approved Diploma necessary for AMIE course

    Planning to opt for AMIE degree? Worried if a Diploma from any university is valid? On this page check out responses to your query.

    I want to do diploma and after that I will join AMIE. But when I asked them if diploma done under university with UGC only, they said it will not be valid. The Diploma needs to be approved by any technical body.
    What is the value of diploma in civil done under any private university which is UGC recognised but does not have AICTE approval?
    But there are so many students doing technical courses under university, what about them?
    Are Monad university, Sunrise university, Rajasthan Vidyapeeth university AICTE approved?
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    If you undergo a diploma course consisting of duration of three years from a recognised Polytechnic run by the State - government, it has got the approval of Technical Board of the state and at the same time, it has been recognised by AICTE. Without the approval of AICTE, the diploma acquired by you becomes invalid in terms of its recognition from the different organisations and universities.
    Though AMIE is not approved by AICTE, it has got its acceptance almost in sectors of the jobs, from the different universities for perusal of higher studies such as M.Tech since this qualification is approved by the HR ministry. Hence in order to be eligible for the admission of the same, you need to secure a diploma having approval from State Level Technical Council coupled with AICTE.
    With regard to your last query, all these universities run the courses after having got the approval of AICTE.

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    Two streams of students can take admission in AMIE, namely, diploma and non-diploma streams.
    If you want to get admission in AMIE engineering degree program after completion of a diploma then you must complete it through a recognised institution. Now 'recognised' in terms of technical education definitely means approval by AICTE.
    AICTE statement for students who want to complete their diploma through a postal course:
    Such diploma must be approved by Distance Educational Council and wherever necessary by AICTE because only in this case their degree will be valid for selection under posts and services of central Government .
    The above statement makes it clear that in order to get admission as a diploma stream student you should be careful about the recognition of the diploma. If you want to do a diploma in a regular course, check its recognition by AICTE. If you want to do it as a postal course, check its recognition as per the statement of AICTE above.
    Else, complete your plus 2 with above 45% marks in PCM and enter AMIE as a non-diploma stream student.
    Personally I feel that doing plus 2 and then trying for AMIE is a better option.
    Answer to second part:
    As per existing norms, if an institution is UGC recognised but not AICTE approved, an educational program can still be run by maintaining minimum standards as laid by AICTE. AICTE may act as an advisory body only but not as a governing body.
    However, it depends on the admitting institute or the employer (in case of a job) whether they accept your degree/ diploma or not.

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    Read the question. You must know the fact very clearly that Engineering Diploma is generally not awarded by any University in India. The Diplomas in Engineering is awarded by Polytechnic colleges. You have to ensure that the Polytechnic College where you have taken admission for Diploma is approved by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) and the concerned State Technical Board.

    I would also like to inform you that you can take admission in AMIE after completing B.Sc. with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

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