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    The best multivitamins for women over 50 years

    Confused about the plethora of multivitamin products available in the market today? Get expert opinions to know which would be beneficial if any for women over 50 years of age.

    There are many multivitamins available in the market now a days. A few popular one are Proteinex,
    Nutrilite ( Amway), products from Herbalife. Recently I saw product Nutricharge. I'm really confused to see all these products. Which is the best out of all these for women of 50+? Is it good to take any?
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  • Yes there are known brands available with the chemists and they are trusted too. But due to advent of multi chain marketing, some MNC 's have also penetrated in to this market with their own product inducing the Indians to go for it with great assurance. What I advise that you have the family doctor and he is the best person to advise which multi vitamin tablet of last lasting benefit and it is danger to have self medication without the consult of the family doctor. So never get carried away with ads which induce you to buy.

    K Mohan
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  • All of the above mentioned brands are known world-wide. And the customers claim that they work too. My personal suggestion is usage of nutrilite.
    But the nature provides us with many other non-synthetic multivitamins.
    Here are some examples:
    1- Finger millet
    2- eggs
    3- Milk and yogurt has A and D vitamins
    4- Cod liver oil
    5- Majority of seafoods
    6- Almonds, Cashews and pistachios
    7- Papaya

    These are just a very few to name. And they aren't even that expensive too. And the most important thing is they're 100% natural and unprocessed.
    So make a wise choice, because you are what you eat.

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  • Women above 50 may need supplement of VitaminD, Vitamin B and mineral Calcium. This is just a general statement. However the requirement and specific need varies as per the health and general condition of each person.

    One should necessarily visit a qualified and experienced doctor, preferably who has experience with women's health.
    Some of the brand products named in the thread are mainly protein supplements . If you are normal in health and taking a balanced and nutritious diet, having normal physical activities, you may not need any supplements. However it is always better to have periodical general check up at this age even in the absence of any special issue.

  • Some of the multivitamin tablets that doctors recommend are - MultiMax, ABCPlus and INLife. Depending on your doctor, the recommendation may change. Also do note that you should better get checkup for your health before you can take them. Most likely there won't be issue with medication taken in case of multi vitamin. But some of the times you may face such issues that leads to the side effect if it's too high in intake. So I suggest taking consultation before taking them. Internet information often may not be reliable.

  • Thanks a lot to Mr K Mohan, Mr Aditya Mohan, Mr Venkiteswaran, Mr Mahesh for their valuable information and opinion . Thanks again.

  • Thanks a lot to Mr K Mohan, Mr Aditya Mohan, Mr Venkiteswaran, Mr Mahesh for their valuable information and opinion . Thanks again.

  • With the advancement of age of the women, they may lack energy because of compromised immunity. Hence they should take a few precaution to prevent age old diseases. Common disorders in the age are lack of Calcium, Iron, Vitamin D and Vitamin B. These days such deficiencies can be detected by means of Pathological - tests since you can get host of information with regard to all the parameters of your health. In case of detection of any abnormality, you may have the consultation of the health - specialist to address the prevailing issues. However, you may do the following points listed below-
    1) Include Milk and Curd in sufficient quantities to take care of Protien and Calcium deficiency.
    2) Make it a point to sit outside in the sunny days and enjoy the Sun - Ray on regular basis for a period of half an hour on all the favourable days.
    3) Include dry nuts like Almond. Cashews and Walnuts and should be consumed around 20 to 25 GMs in order to get the essential Omega 3 and Omega6 fatty acids apart from other valuable elements such as Calcium, Protiens, Iron etc.
    4) Avoid stress and take at least eight hours sleep in the night. In order to get sound sleep, you may take a glass of warm milk followed by a teaspoon of honey. This concoction would produce sound sleep.
    5) Include Green vegetables such as Beans, Cabage and Palak in your meals. Carrots contain Vitamin A, VitaminB and other nutrients to support your body free from diseases. Include citrus fruits such as Lemon, Oranges and Grapes in order to get sufficient quantity of Vitamin - C for the enhancement of your immunity - level.
    6) A regular morning walk for nearly half an hour on regular basis would check the surge of your weight apart from healthy blood - sugar level.

  • I agree with all of you that for fulfilling the body requirements of vitamins, minerals, protein etc, consuming natural resources like milk, dry fruits, green vegetables etc is more beneficial than taking artificial supplements.
    But as we grow, after a certain age our appetite decreases and we can't eat what we should and so we are unable to get enough vitamins and other nutrients required fir body through natural resources.
    Moreover, if suppose we are able to eat good quantity, even then there is no guarantee in India that we will get enough nutrients because most of the things here are adulterated. If we take milk, no one can give guarantee of purity. Similarly, vegetables, we don't know how they are grown. Mostly water which is used for irrigation is factory waste which is not good. Farmers spray so many chemicals on their crops. Also farmers are more interested in hybrid crops. That is not good for health.
    So keeping all these points in mind, what is the solution. We should take some multivitamins or not. And if we should than which one?

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