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    Paytm shopping card machine required.

    Interested in setting up online payment for small scale business? Looking out for information about paytm? Here, resolve your doubts and get connected to paytm.

    I require details of paytm. I am searching an ATM shopping machine for business purpose, where do I get that?
    What is the condition with that paytm shopping machine?
    What are the vafrious types of paytm ATM shopping machine(such as wireless ,gprs etc.)? Can you provide details for small scale business purpose usage with Current account, rather than mobile app?
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  • The machine that you are inquiring about is called as POS machine. These machines help you get the funds through debit and credit card swipe. You need to contact the paytm on this service. And the details of the service can be acquired from this page.

    The payment through mobile and QR code system does not require any machine setup. However you may have to be compliance cleared in either scenario. You have to make sure that for both POS and also for other payment gateway, you are in compliance. There are no transaction charges upto 30th december. After that you may find the situation changing.


    After the announcement of demonetization of Rs. 500/- and 1000/- old currency Paytm has been grabbing the opportunity at extremely fast speed and capturing the large part of the market.
    Just after announcement of demonetization, Paytm company launched a feature to accept payment via credit and debit cards without the need of a physical point of sale (POS ) terminal or no need to have card swipe machine also.

    A. How does Paytm's Point of Sale (POS ) function

    1. Paytm Point of Sale is an application for the merchant. For this merchant must have a smart phone with Internet facility. POS of Paytm's allows transaction via credit card and debit cards. Merchants need not to buy a card swipe machine. In Paytm's POS Merchant feed the sale information and generate the bill.
    2. After generating the bill, customer is asked to enter the card details. Paytm proceed to bank's website for further authentication.
    3. Customer gets an OTP in registered mobile number. Customer enters the OTP in merchant's device and by clicking submit button transaction is complete.

    B. QR Code Method

    QR code method was started by the Paytm before the announcement of demonetization on 8th November 2016. QR code method is very popular among the shopkeepers for low value transaction. In QR code method shopkeepers are provided with a QR code. After shopping customer scan the QR code through his Paytm App. Enter the value of purchase and submit it. Customer as well as shopkeeper receive the message of successful payment.
    Till 31st December 2016 there is no transaction charge on payment by Paytm. In future Paytm may charge 2% Merchant fee for credit card transaction.
    To receive the payment via POS or QR code system, shopkeepers and merchants have to give self declaration as a businessman on Paytm. Bank details too must to be furnished on Paytm. Then only Paytm allows you to receive the payment from customers.

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