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    How to put ads on my blog after qualifying for adsense revenue through ISC?

    Have a query about adsense? Wondering how to post adds on blog? Check out this page for response to your queries.

    I have qualified for adsense revenue on ISC and have created a new blog on Is it possible to place ads there in my blog?Now I want to put my ads on that blog. But I have no idea how to place ad units on that blog. Can you give suggestions?
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  • From your blog, click the design on top of the page, when the design file opens you will find one option as layout on the left side, click the layout, when the file opens you will find your blog layout, and you will find add gadget, click on add gadget, and a number of options opens, from there you can choose adsense add and save. And then save the layout settings on the right side. View your blog you will find the Adsense add.

  • You can put the ads on your blog. You can either choose to connect adsense with blogger. or you can copy the HTML code and display the ads on the blog. For example follow the instructions below.

    1. Loging to blogger.
    2. Go to theme settings.
    3. Get the code from the adsense >ads. Copy the HTML code.
    4. In blogger, go to HTML widget in your theme settings.
    5. Paste the code in HTML widget.
    6. Refresh the blog and see if the ad is displayed or not.

    This seems to be pretty common method for the adsense code display on blogger.

  • You can do that by logging into your blogger and select the blog for which you want to display ads by Google AdSense and follow the following procedure:
    1. On left Pan, click on Layout

    2. In the Layout, find "Add a Gadget"

    3. A new window will be displayed, Now click on the "AdSense"

    4. Select 'Format', 'Color' and Ad Type. A preview will be displayed there so that you can change the code according to the background of the blog. Contrast is very much important in this matter.

    5. Click on 'Save' and you are done.

    NOTE: Please do not add more than Three ads. This will violate the terms and conditions by Google AdSense.

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