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    Which field to select for future career

    Confused about a career choice in mechanical field? On this page you will get ample guidance to resolve your queries.

    I am BE Mechanical Engineer working in Heavy Fabrication Industry since last one year. It is a small scale industry because I haven't got a good job.
    But one of my friends working in HVAC Maintenance asked me to come for the job in that field.
    So I am confused what to do.
    Whether I should continue in Heavy Fabrication or go to HVAC Maintenance?
    I can work in any industry as much I have got a good job.
    Can you clarify my confusion?
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    Hey Dear
    Are you know the job competition now in every fields. So my opinion is that you should stay remain at your current work. Then try to improve in the field of heavy fabrication. Time will come dear don't worry. Anyhow the company sometimes will announce the higher level posts, so you need to apply that. Also there are over duty facilities also available for you, attend that. It is the plus-plus facilities for you. If you attend only four hours daily on over duty, it is recorded that the full time i.e eight hours of the duty. Your one year experience is enough for the top level of the work you in now. So don't left the current job until handed one satisfaction job on high scale. Stay on.

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    Since you are already in the job of Heavy - fabrication and have acquired an experience in the similar field to the extent of one year, I would advise you not to change your working line. In the mean while, try to understand the intricacies of the job, discuss with your colleagues having long range of experience regarding their experience and exposures in the Heavy - fabrication Industry.
    Whenever, you attend for the next interview in some other company, the employer would be interested to know how far you have grasped the job and your selection for the higher grade would depend upon your patience, exposure with the present job and a clear understanding of your profession.
    By joining HVAC, you will loose the valuable experience which you have gained so far and as such it is not justifiable.

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    Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest branch of engineering and persons with this degree can look for jobs in various industries like - Steel, Automobile, Power generation, Aerospace, Paper, Paper, Communication etc.
    There are entrance examinations for getting in most of these industries in Government/ PSU sector while interviews are conduted in private sector.
    Due to tight job conditions every where competition is there and sometimes in the beginning one has to contend with a small job. It is only when you get sufficient experience you can think of switching your present job or alternately continue with the present job for better career opportunities.
    It is difficult to predict the future career in a particular line but considering ones aptitude and interest one can take a decision.
    Remember there is nothing fixed in business environment. Things are highly dynamic and we have to prepare ourselves with knowledge and experience to go ahead in our career.

    Knowledge is power.

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