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    Why no financial assistance for patients taking treatment in private hospitals/clinics?

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    Why is there no financial assistance given for patients taking treatment in private hospitals/clinics by government of India?
    Why financial assistance is given to only patients undergoing treatment in government hospitals?
    Can you resolve this query?
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  • Private hospitals are run for profit. So they are not liable for any social welfare. And they don't support the treatment of patients. You are however can make use of the healthcare and other similar plans. This way you can have the emergency cash in hand.

    Financial assistance is given to the govt and semi govt hospital. The reason being financial assistance is offered to people with low income strata. And this means they have to find the funding for their health. In such case due to various schemes and subsidy, only the poor and the financially limited people can manage the treatment in government hospitals.

  • Employees in government and public sector are given reimbursement or financial assistance for medical expenses incurred by them. This is subject to various eligibility conditions. One of the common conditions that they should get treatment from a government hospital.
    The question above is asking why it is so.

    In the early years, government was spending huge amounts in health care by construction hospitals and other medical and health care facilities all over the country. They were given free or at very nominal charges to the people. Government naturally wanted people to utilise them fully so that the money spent is not wasted or underutilised. Government also wanted people to get medicare at reasonable cost. Such hospitals and medical facilities are available in all levels and proximity. So government insisted that people should get treatment at a government hospital nearby. It is only when a specialisation treatment is needed or there is no vacancy of bed or room in the government hospital the treatment is allowed to be taken in a private hospital.

    Another reason si that private hospitals are for business and profit. So they charge more for every service. There can be some unscrupulousness also in some cases. Government want to avoid these and the related wasteful expenditure from government's budget.

    Hence it is laid out that for medical assistance one should get treatment ina government hospital and only n exceptional conditions treatment in private hospital is assisted. However in many cases this requirement is relaxed by insisting only on a self declaration that such facility or vacancy is not available in the nearby government hospital at that time.

  • Private - hospitals are meant for profit and for any service rendered by them is
    calculated in terms of money without having consideration of the humane angle. Their task is solely to make money apart from having excellent rapport in the area where the hospital is operating. The doctors may be efficient and well - behaved but that would not mean there would be any relaxation on the financial front. Their target is to maximise the revenue from all the heads such as bed- charges, cost the medicines, pathological - charges etc.
    The government of India is aware of the massive charges which are to be paid by the patients and if they entertain such bills, the expenditure towards the medical head would be substantial and for which they would not have any explanation before the auditors and administrative authorities.
    In case, an employee of central government or public undertakings is getting medical treatment from a government - hospital for which approval has been sought already and on such cases the government hospital declares the unavailability of any facility essential for curing the disease and there is a strong recommendation of referring to the patient in a private - hospital, the patient is entitled to get the refund of the money already incurred by a way of treatment.

  • With regard to your query financial assistance is not given by hospital whether it is private or government hospital. Financial assistance or reimbursement is given by employer or by government scheme available in your state. I am working in a PSU. Here patients are referred to private hospitals as the situation demand. Private hospitals prepare the bill within their scope and it is paid by the employer.
    Difference is that private hospitals are costlier than government run hospital. Because basic purpose of the private hospital is to earn profit. So,government make the policy to refer the patient in government hospitals until it is very necessary to refer in private hospital.

  • As the question relates to the financial assistance for patients taking treatment in Private hospitals by Government of India, we have to see various aspects involved in it. When the Government is aiding many Government hospitals under it control, its mandatory on the part of the patients to approach Govt. hospitals only. However, Government has recognized various Private Hospitals across the country for taking treatment due to non availability of specialist treatment in Govt. hospitals. In such cases, the patients would get financial assistance/reimbursement of medical expenses as the case may be. In addition to the State Government run hospitals, the dispensaries under Central Govern Health Scheme (CGHS) and the ESI hospitals, The Railway Hospitals etc., do take care of the patients related to their employees. For private people, the the Health Insurance schemes, the Arogyashri schemes in stes like Tamilnadu, AP, Telangana, Chattisgarh and Odisha are in place. The pradhan mantri Arogya Abhyaan scheme is another facility provided for the poor and people can get treatment from the recognised private hospitals .


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