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    Query about Root canal Cap(Crown)

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    Yesterday I did root canal treatment.
    Then the Doctor said that after root canal treatment teeth cap/ crown is most useful.
    Is cap better for safety for teeth?
    The Doctor has suggested fiber cap.
    Is fibre cap safe for teeth?
    How much is the price of fibre cap?
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  • After root canal treatment (RCT) tooth become weak and brittle, which is prone to fracture. So you must cap it. Crowns are used to cover and protect a week and fractured tooth.There are many types of crowns available with the doctors. You can choose according to your cost affordability. Generally metal cap cost Rs 2000-3000,ceramic-metal Rs 3000-5000, pure ceramic and porcelain are costly.

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  • Athanks
    One another question
    Is ever Root canal treatement fails?

  • Crown is essential after root canal treatment as the tooth is brittle and can break without it. Yes, root canal treatment can fail if proper care is not taken and the whole procedure is not completed. Root canal takes a long time and is a bit painful so you need to complete the full treatment, also after the treatment take care of your teeth.
    -- Brush two times a day.
    -- Look for any blood or pain or swelling in the treated tooth and immediately go to dentist.
    -- Use IDA marked toothpaste and mouthwash.
    -- Change your brush atleast once every month.

    A good treatment and care of the treated tooth will make root canal successful and you will never feel that there is a fake tooth in your mouth.


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