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    How to download books in a tablet?

    Want to know the procedure for downloading ebooks on a tablet? Find the exact procedure on this Ask Expert page.

    One of my cousins and his wife have gifted me a Lenovo tablet some time ago, because I helped my cousin's wife to prepare for an examination. Basically the tablet has been gifted to help me to download books. Although my cousin has very kindy downloaded more than 800 e-books of my choice, he has not clearly explained me the process of downloading. Rather I should say that I could not learn the procedure in half an hour.

    So, I would like to know the detailed process of downloading e-books in the tablet. I would appreciate if the Members explain the procedure step by step to a first-timer, without using technical jargon.

    I would also appreciate if the Members inform whether kindle edition of books can be downloaded in the tablet. If yes, then the procedure of downloading such books may also be explained.

    Eagerly waiting for help.
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  • You need to find out the file format of the ebooks. So based on those file formats, you can download the app that can read those ebooks. For example, FBReader app can read epub,mobi, pdf and few other book formats. And this helps you to read those ebooks.

    If you wish to read the amazon ebooks, then you need to download the kindle app. This app can then in turn read the ebooks purchased or borrowed on the kindle app. It has it's own settings for book reading. They set the app backlit and other settings. So depending on where you have book format you either neeed kindle app or app like FBreader for reading books.

    In case of FBReader you have to download any epub or mobi or pdf book from internet. And you just have to store the files in data card.

    In case of kindle app, you have to download the books through online site or from the app. That's how most of the people are purchasing, downloading and using the books. The books from kindle app are not readable outside by any other app.

  • Hello Partha Kansabanik,

    Kindle Unlimited is the best option to download and read any book of your choice. kindle Unlimited is a facility provided by For take the advantage of this facility, you are required to register on and then enroll into Kindle Unlimited. There are a nominal subscription fees for per Annam. Kindle Unlimited allow to purchase and read unlimited books freely.

    In addition to this response, I want to give you a humble suggestion, that the above mention website i.e. provides you a great platform to demonstrate you capability of writing. This site gives free facility of e-book publication and edition. I suggest to read all terms and conditions of this website and I hope my suggestion will prove a great way for you aspirations.


  • Downloading books in Tablet or smart phone
    Tablet is a electronic gadget in between the smart phone and laptop. Tablet is smart choice of young generation. It is used mainly for reading various contents.
    For downloading the books your tablet must be Wi-fi enabled or connected with internet by any means. There are two options to download the books i.e. through Application installed in your tablet or from particular website. Amazon Kindle is one of the popular Application for smart phone and Tablets for downloading the e-books free of cost or with nominal charges.
    Google Play Books
    This was originally known as Google Books. After combining many services, it is renamed as Google Olay Books. Using this app. you can access a wide range of free and paid books. Aldiko Book Reader is highly recommended to those who wants only free eBook. There are many more apps for downloading and reading eBooks online such as AReader, Goodreads, No Limit Loop etc.
    Apart from this there are numerous websites from where you can download the eBooks free of cost and by paying nominal charges.
    Websites to download free eBook
    There are number of websites available to download the books. Iwould some of the best websites to download the free eBooks. downloading the eBooks from these websites are totaly free and legal.
    (a) HundredZeros, (b) FreeBookSpot, (c) ManyBooks, (d) GetFreeEBooks, (e) FreeTechBooks (f) Scribd, (g) Freecomputerbooks, (h) Wikibooks etc.
    For downloading the books from above mentioned websites, first you have to register on the website. Registration is free of cost. After successful registration, login to the particular website and enjoy downloading the books.

  • To read an ebook, you need to have an ebook reader. You can simply purchase any ebook from reputed online bookstore like Amazon, Flipkart or DailyHunt. Once you pay the amount and complete the order, you will get the downloading link for that book.

    If you have placed an order for an ebook from Amazon, you need to have Amazon Kindle app on your tablet. If you have bought a book from Flipkart, you need to have Flipkart ebook reader but nowadays, all Flipkart ebooks are transferred to another company app called Kobo. For Dailyhunt, the app itself will work as an ebook reader. In all cases, you need to first purchase the ebook from the store and once the payment is completed, you should log into the app and you will be given a downloadable link in the respective app to get the book.

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  • I am suggesting you simple steps to download ebooks online.

    1) First go to google website.
    2) Search your desired book name followed by pdf. Ex. If you want book "The Emperor's Edge", then search "Free ebook The Emperor's Edge pdf download"
    3) You will get results with various websites.
    4) If you get result like "[PDF] The Emperor's Edge "
    5) Click that link, it will open the ebook in pdf format.
    6) It may save the book directly, if not then click the save option in tablet. The book will get saved in download folder in your tablet.

    Now you can enjoy the book.

  • First of all download Abode reader to that you able to read e-books as e-books are usually in pdf format.

    Secondly go to google search and type "your book name" after that type filetype:pdf because of this google will serach your e-book is present in pdf format or not and show you results only in pdf format. if you find it then well and good just go for download and read it in your tablet with abode reader pdf reader application.

    If google wont able to help you directly with pdf e-books then go for website such as amazon kindle and download.

    Lastly, directly go to google play books and search for your e-book and download free e-books and read it in your adobe reader application.

    All the best.

  • Download Kindle app from Goggle Play store if your device is running Android OS or get it from Apple store if your gadget is IOS.

    There are thousands of ebook avialable on the internet. Mostly free and also paid one's too. With Kindle app you can downlod or read ebooks on the go.

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  • There comes a variety of extensions of e- books in the open source market. So the first step that you should perform is to download an app that can open all extensions of e- book. I would recommend you to download WPS Office from playstore.
    Now coming to the download part I would recommend you to download them from open source sites like slideshare, Kindle, ebazar, etc. Once you are able to download the required PDF file then you can simply open it via WPS office irrespective of its extension.

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