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    How can a pet animal be transported in an airplane?

    Want to know how airlines arrange for pet animals to be transported on an aircraft? Find out from the expert responses provided here.

    There are a few people who stay in a far off place and they have a pet animal like a puppy which they need to take to their homeland. Do airlines allow individuals to convey them on planes? Is there any different space available for pets in airplanes? What charge will be taken from the travelers?
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  • Do airlines allow individuals to convey them on planes?
    Ans-Yes some of the domestic airlines allow the pets such as dogs, cats and rabbits, properly crated and provided with valid health and vaccination certificates required by airlines for carriage by air will, be permitted to transport by air. A declaration indemnifying "The owner will assume all the risks of injury, sickness or death of the pet accepted for carriage". For more details please read the spice jet's policy. The "url" is as follows-

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  • Transportation of Pet Animal by Airline

    Live pet animals can be transported by Airlines in aircraft. All the airlines have specified policies in this regard. Policies specified by different airlines slightly vary. Following few points can be remembered while carrying the live pet animals.
    1. Live pet animal can be transported as part of checked in baggage or unaccompanied i.e. by cargo plane.
    2. Live pets booked along with checked baggage will be transported in cargo hold of the aircraft and in a proper container. Booking for the live pets can be done through booking and reservation counter of the airlines company.
    3. For dispatching the live pet in cargo plane, you have to contact cargo office. In both the cases live pet will be transported in cargo hold only.
    4. Pet animals like dog, cat, birds and rabbits are transported in aircraft within India.
    5. In ATR operated aircraft pet animals are not transported.
    6. In international flights only pet dogs and cats are allowed to be transported.
    7. Kittens under eight weeks and pregnant animals are not allowed to be transported in aircraft.

    Weight limit of the live pet to be transported in aircraft

    If the weight of the Live pet animal is within 32 kg. along with container, will be accepted in checked in baggage and allowed in hold of the aircraft otherwise it will be allowed in cargo aircraft. There are various condition imposed by the airlines regarding container, food of the pet animal, booking procedure etc. To know the procedure of carriage of pet animals in detail, click here Rules for transportation of live pet animals

  • In order to carry the live pet you need to make sure of the following things -

    1. Health certificate is required for some pets such as cat, dog, and few other fury animals. In case of birds, apart from the health certificate you need license.
    2. You can't import some of the endangered animals, unless you have government permission from both countries.
    3. Safe packaging for the pets such as dog and cats and similar other pets.
    4. Maximum 2 pets in any airline are allowed.
    5. Each airline has their own rules for types of pet they can transport. Some don't accept dogs and some don't accept snake or rodents for their own reasons. So you have to inquire to them
    6. Clearance for the pets is something has to be done during boarding and arrival.

    These are some of the known rules. You have to also make sure that the security and the deporting check has to be done.

  • Many airlines have pet transportation facilities and this transportation process becomes easy if the owner has all the pet documents required for this purpose. The important documents that you need to possess consist of ownership of pet, pet medical certificate and medical history.
    The owner should take sole responsibility of the pet and sign a number of legal documents that include risk, property damage and accidental insurance.
    There is also a restriction on the number of pets you can carry which varies from airline to airline.
    There is also a weight criteria for pets where you have to pay extra amount if the weight of the pet exceeds the specified limit.

  • Most of the Indian and International airlines allow carrying pets subject to specific and well-defined conditions. Some of these conditions are:-
    (a) Health certificate is required for carrying pets like cats, dogs, etc.
    (b) For birds, in addition to health certificate, license is required.
    (c) Live pet animals are transported as part of checked-in baggages.
    (d) Maximum two pets are allowed per family.
    (e) Pregnant animals are generally not allowed in the aircraft.
    (f) Clearance for the pet animals has to be taken during boarding and after arrival.

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