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    Does ECE course is enough for becoming an astronaut?

    Aspiring to become an astronaut? Wondering if an ECE engineer can become an astronaut? Then on this page check out responses to yuor query.

    It is ay dream to become an astronaut. I am studying 2nd year ECE in KL University. Does my course enough to become an astronaut (or) shall I join in Aeronautical engineering?
    I am confused. If it is mandatory to study Aeronautical Engineering then I will join.
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    There is no hard and fast qualification for becoming an astronaut. As for example, Yuri Gagarin, the first astronaut, was a pilot of the USSR Air Force. Neil Armstrong, the first man who set his foot on moon, was an aerospace engineer. Valentina Tereshkova, the first female astronaut, was a textile-factory assembly worker and an amateur skydiver. Rakesh Sharma, the Indian astronaut, was an Indian Air Force pilot.
    From the above examples, you will be able to understand that it is not necessary to have engineering background to become an astronaut. However, astronauts are selected based on their physical abiities, mental balance and flying experience. So, in my opinion, fighter pilots from Air Force have better chance to be considered to become astronauts, but this is not an essential criterion.

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    Astronaut career requires the study of electronics, communication and physics. Apart from that degree in ECE does not make it easy to get in. You'll have to go through some of the post graduate courses. And that sets the direction for astronaut recruitment. There are always some of the private and the govt funded institution hiring for such positions. Most of the astronaut enthusiasts prefer either NASA or similar other organization for further career. Here you can apply through various process. And depending on their requirement, your eligibility will vary. It helps to go through NASA's website on recruitment and you can find out the requirement. That alone can point to the job related requirement.

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    In order to be an Astronaut, you need not necessarily require a degree in ECE or even you should have Aeronautical background. I think the primary qualification for the eligibility of this profession calls for the following perquisites.
    1) You should have robust health to fight any unwanted stress which may arise out in course of indulgence in any physical activity.
    2) You should be mentally alert to visualise the situation and steps to be taken accordingly.
    3) You need to have certain flying experience such as a Pilot in a plane and such experience would boost up your confidence as an Astronaut.
    So your continuance in the line of ECE is not going to affect your further future prospects. You may refer to the website of NASA to explore the valuable guidance in achieving the skill of an Astronaut.

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    Qualification and Eligibility Criteria to Become an Astronaut

    B Tech degree in ECE is not the only qualification to become an astronaut. If you want to join NASA as an astronaut, then you must possess following qualification and eligibility
    1. You must be B Tech in any branch or graduation in biological science, mathematics or physical sciences from a recognized college/university.
    2. Three years of experience in related field as specified at the time of recruitment. Or
    3. Applicant must have experience of 1000 hrs of flying in jet aircraft.
    4. If you don't have any experience in related field, then you must be master in advance courses in related field and it is equal to one year of experience. If you are doctorate in related field, then it can be equated with three years of experience.
    5. A high level of physical and mental standard is set to become an astronaut. Height, vision, blood pressure etc. should be as per the standard set by the recruitment agency.

    Specific to India, you must start your preparation just after 10th class. Your physics, chemistry and mathematics should be very strong. Develop your communication skill. Keep your physical and mental standard to very high level.

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    Thanks To all,you had spended Your Precious time for my career. Love You.If you have much more idea about this in future please don't forget to guide me,once more thanks one and all.......

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