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    Guidance in choosing a creative career

    Planning a creative career after Metallurgy? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I have done my BTech in Metallurgy with overall CGPA of 8.73. I am not interested in doing software jobs. There are no jobs available in Metallurgical field.
    Apart from studies, I am much interested in Drawing, Designing, Photography, Story writing and Singing. I want to do a job in creative field.
    Where I can explore my talent? But I don't know how to approach this issue. Can I get some suggestions?
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    If there are no jobs available in metallurgical field then get into the job that you get. Try getting into a software job for time being to earn your income. Since you said you are interested in other things like drawing, photography continue that as a hobby.
    First promote your photography skills among and family and friends. Ask them to invite you to take pictures in small functions and parties. That way, you can perform this as your part time. Once people start recognising you, you will start getting invitations for bigger functions also.
    There are many designing jobs available in market. You can browse for jobs and start applying for them.
    You can make story writing as your hobby, create your own blog and start writing on what you are interested in.

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    If you want to try in your own field, that is Metallurgy, then I would suggest you to go for PhD. It is research based course and a doctoral degree. This will help you out in getting excellent opportunities in the same field. The field of Metallurgy is still growing in India and lots of researches are going on.
    If that is not your cup of tea, then choose your creative field as your career. It is always difficult to design your own path but nothing is impossible.
    For writing, try start your own blogs with stories, articles, poems, etc. You can go for script writing at small level. For example, for plays and theaters. This will give you an experience of professional writing.
    You can also write your books.
    For photography and drawing, you can prepare some some good stuff of your own and conduct an exhibition for all. This will introduce you to others working in your own field and from there you will start getting offers for work.
    All the best!


    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

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    Metallurgy seems to be the field that has some opening from the manufacturing sector. So you need to attend the opening of the companies that are out open for the recruitment of the production engineer. And also they are going to hire the mechanical engineer. The reason being these are the specialization field and require a lot of hard work on your part. You can also study further in MBA and see if you can get into recruitment.

    As for your hobbies, in photography and art. Do note that when art becomes something to survive on, it become harder to treat it as something you liked. In such case you have to focus on the skills that can earn you some money. Do note that whatever your interests are try and make portfolio out of it. That's how you can make it easier for you to market those hobbies and skills.

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    Field of metallurgy is related to the study of behaviour of different metals such as Steel, Copper, Alumunium, Zinc etc and such studies are of immense interest. However, one thing is clear, demand of Metallurgical - engineering will pick up in the ensuing time since the growth of steel - sector and other industries industries such as Alumunium, Copper etc would register significant growth in the time ahead. Hence you should not be frustrated and discouraged. You should look at the brighter side of this branch by adding M.Tech qualification in Metallurgy from an established Institute by having cleared the GATE. Later, the possession of the Doctorate - degree in the similar stream would open up your avenues in the Research - field, Career in the Engineering - colleges and even you may be appointed as a consultant in the MECON.
    While discussing the scopes of Photography, Drawing and Story - writings, these hobbies would create mental stimulation and you can derive utmost pleasure but such hobbies would not help you to earn substantially to support your life. Hence you must strive for a permanent career in the Metallurgical - field and sustain your hobbies for the mental - pleasure.

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    "Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up" – Pablo Picasso

    Creativity is present in every individual but success only achieved by those who nurture it in a seamless fashion and pursue it relentlessly for desired results. A creative person will never be satisfied with his work, he will always think to improve to reach perfection.
    There are many creative job options available today only thing is one has to see his aptitude and liking for a particular field like - paintings and photography, computer animation, event planning and management, decoration and interior lift ups, writing and editing, blogging and many more.
    Once the particular area is identified then comes the most important part that is basic knowledge for which either you have to attend some course or diploma or learn the things from books and internet. There are large number of videos available in various sites in net which are full of contents and practical tips on various subjects and one can take advantage of that in this regard.

    Knowledge is power.

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