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    Treatment for rusty nail wound

    Searching for remedies for rusty nail injury? Find advice from experts on this page.

    My dad got hurt with the rusty nail in the leg and he is sugar patient. His blood sugar is 280. The leg got infected with pus and we went to hospital. The doctor did dressing by applying magnesium sulphate paste and gave tablets like zocef cv 500 and pantodac 40 mg and dolo 650 mg. Still I am not able to see improvement.can you suggest any solution?
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  • Rusty nails are vectors of many diseases. Tetanus is the main disease that occurs this way.
    All above painkillers works perfectly well. Use of iodine or alcohol or other solutions might induce the infection, so only use clean tap water to clean the wound. To reduce the infection turmeric paste may be applied onto the wound. Pus can be removed periodically with towel soaked in lukewarm water.
    You cannot notice immediate relief, so wait for atleast a week.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • Thank you very much Mr.Aditya mohan for your suggestions

  • In the case of uncontrolled diabetes, there are express manifestations in the legs also. Usually the 'extremities', -those parts which are far away from the heart the circulatory system get early and easily affected. Thus the legs and leg nails are easy targets. That is what happened in your father's case also.

    While we get to observe e our hand often and know its changes immediately, it is not so in the case of legs. Many times we ignore our legs. We do not give proper care and hygiene to our legs even in normal cases. In the case of diabetics it becomes imperative and all the more important to take care of legs.

    It is because of this that 'Diabetic foot care' is given priority these days.

    In your father's case as he is already under a doctor's care, let him sincerely and seriously follow the doctor's advice. The first priority is to keep the sugar level under control. Let your father co-operate to make that aim fruitful.
    Your father's nail infection will get cured now with proper treatment., but let him take all care for preventing any similar recurrence . Sugar level control and preventive foot care are the only remedies. AVOID all self medication.

  • Regarding your query we can just advice you about some home remedies, but can't assure you for complete treatment, because since he is having sugar its not good to consume any medicine without doctor's advice. After the treatment of the doctor you can just sprinkle little turmeric powder on the wound. Turmeric acts as an antiseptic. Since its rusty nail, it is better that he takes tetanus injection so that it stops further infection. He may or may not have his original nail form, it may depend on the injury on his nail.

  • Risk and Treatment of Rusty Nail Wound in Foot

    There are two issues with you. (a) Your father is wounded with rusty nail in foot and (b) He is diabetic person. For first issue , you are already taking treatment under medical practitioner and it is better to be treated and guided by medical medical practitioner only. For second issue you can be suggested by many of us. As diabetes is very common problem now a days.
    For a diabetic person foot is the least sensible area. A patient should be extra cautious to take care of his foot. Some suggested remedial measures are there to take care of foot in case of diabetic person are
    1. Clean your foot regularly,
    2. Trim your nails regularly,
    3. While walking wear correct shoes and socks,
    4. Regular walking is required take care of diabetes and foot,

    For detail information in this regard click here FOOT CARE
    You will get information in detail i.e. how to take care of foot wounded with rusted nail. What are the risk involved if foot is wounded with rusty nail.

  • Immediate Steps to treat the rusty nail wound:
    1. Get the wound treated immediately.
    2.Wash the wound with clean Luke warm water.
    3.After Washing,use a dry towel to pat the wound.Rub it properly,without making the wound wider.
    4.Apply antibiotic to soothe the wound.
    5.Cover the wound with help of a bandage.
    6.Reach a nearest clinic,to get a tetanus injection.
    As your Dad is a diabetic patient,seek medical help immediately,as there could be sign of trouble and has less immunity to fight against infections.

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