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    Require solution for Surveying questions

    Searching for solutions to surveying question of Diploma exam? On this Ask Expert page you will get solution to your queries.

    Question no-1...
    Prepare a preliminary estimate of residential building to be constructed using following i) Built up area of proposed bldg. = 126.00Sq. m. ii) Built up area of existing bldg. = 90.00Sq. m. iii) Amount spent on construction of existing structure = Rs. 7.0 Lakh. iv) Existing structure was constructed two years ago. v) Rise in price levels of materials and labours during previous two years = 10 %.

    Question no-2...
    Calculate quantity of R.C.C. column footing for four R.C.C. columns.
    Use following details. i) Size of footing = 1250 x 1520 ii) Footing height – T = 530, t = 200 iii) Size column = 230 x 460 iv) Size of top portion of footing = 300 x 530 v) All dimensions are in mm. Use trapezoidal formula.

    Note: this 2 question was asked in Scheme – E Sample Question Paper:
    Course Name : Diploma in Architectural Assistantship
    Course Code : AA
    Semester : Fifth
    Subject Title : Quantity Surveying and Estimating - I
    Marks : 50
    Time: 2 Hours
    Can you provide solution to both questions.
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