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    Is a close blood relation marriage advisable?

    Worried about marrying a close blood relative? Get expert opinions on whether this is advisable.

    My family members are forcing me to marry my cousin sister's daughter .

    Basically my mother's elder sister's daughter is married to my mother's younger brother (mama) and now they have a daughter who is 7yrs younger than me and now they are forcing me to marry her.

    I am afraid of genetic disorder for my children. Can I proceed or not? Please advise.
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    There is nothing wrong to marry in the close blood relations and that has been happening since many era. My own elder sister was given to my own Mama and she is happy with two children without any problem. The reason for insisting close blood relations for marriage that the bond of relations should not drift away and must stay long with children coming out of their enhanced relations. Moreover when the elders say something or advise something there should not be word of protest from the young ones. After all they are also concerned with your welfare and well being.
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    Close blood relation marriage must be avoided at all cost. It causes destruction of genetic pool and sometime birth of mentally handicapped children. These are scientific points of view. However, I can't comment upon religious sanction and social custom of close blood relation marriages.
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    There are two ways to look at it. Our culture says that a man inherits his flesh from mother and mind or character from father. That's the reason why maternal relations are allowed to get married. So you are always free to marry your uncle's daughter.
    As for the western science is concerned, both the parents play an equal role in the pairing of chromosomes. So western science condemns such marriage.
    But here, science isn't the issue. What you feel is important. Do you like her, can you imagine her as your future partner? If yes, only then you shall proceed.
    Unwanted marriages affect children badly than genetic disorders.
    Because physical ailments are cured easily compared to mental disorders.
    So the choice is yours. Choose wisely, live well.

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    Science discourages such marriages because of genetic reasons. The genes which are recessive in nature becomes dominant if get the same trait from its pair and then they become dominant. In such cases, if the gene is carrying any disorder but is not able to dominate as it is recessive in nature, it will become dominant if the partner is carrying same recessive/dominant gene. So, this is the direct way to inheriting genetic disorders.
    Physically we cannot identify such recessive genes because they do not show identifiable characteristic when they are recessive.
    I hope that this explanation will work.
    On second part, if this is the only reason you do not want to marry her then there are ways to avoid babies with genetic orders in future by opting for baby screening. Once a lady conceives, the gynecologist can be consulted for genetic screening for the fetus.


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    Marriage of very close blood relationship should be avoided because there may be aggravation of certain diseases due to genetic disorder. Certain diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart - problems, Rhumetism, TB become unmanageable because of close blood relationship.
    In fact, such disorders are not identifiable immediately after the marriages and can be traced out in the case of pregnancies when the gynaecologists can detect abnormalities of the foetus and the chief cause of such occurances are due to genetic disorder.
    We would not like to put dangers to our own issues with some diseases which manifest in their lives for which they are not responsible. So, in order to have family peace, such marriages are to be discouraged.

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    Marrying within same bloodline leads to neurological changes in genetic pool. And often the orphan is born with autism and mental disability. However studies and surveys have shown that such kids are likely to be physically strong and mentally weak. This is one reason the incest marriages are frowned upon and are termed illegal in court of law.

    Marriage outside same bloodline from mothers side (in case mothers brother) is often allowed. The reason being mothers genetic pool remains constant among females in the bloodline. But the male has changes. So marrying mothers immediate brother or cousin is often allowed in some cultures and states in India. Legally it is allowed. Genetically it has few variations which may lead to autism. So these days not many parents choose such marriages.

    Most common issues in incest or the same blood line marriages may create are related to -

    1. Autism
    2. Mental disability
    3. Hypertension
    4. Diabetes
    5. Obesity
    6. Stuttering

    These are some of the common issues that most of the inbred marriages offspring may have. So you have to pay attention to the small details such as this. So that's why it is not advisable to marry in same family or even within same genetic pool.

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    The first question is whether it is socially accepted in your community and society; and legally acceptable and permitted under the marriage system you follow. If they are permitted, then half the issue is over.

    Now comes the genetic issues. Here no one can say for sure. It all depends on probability and luck. It is understood and accepted that many traits are conveyed down genetically. Even grand parents and great grand parents have their role in these with certain percentage or fraction. Some get manifested and prominent. When these are positive and good traits, they are welcome.

    However it is known that certain diseases have more probability when the parents or grandparents had the same. In the case of first cousins and second cousin, one ancestry is common.

    In the present case of yours common ancestry is - her mother and father, your mother. But your father side ancestry is different. Hence, the probability is more. However, if you very well know that it is all positive and good on both sides, then that can be thought of if other points are okay.

    So it is suggested that if there are no known health issues which are heredity prone, but there are many positive traits ; and you and the girl like each other, the marriage is socially acceptable in your society; then go ahead. Best Wishes.

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    Marriage in blood relation is advisable only when 3 - 4 generation has passed. Very close related marriage i,e your sister daughter or cousin sister daughter is not advisable. Even in your case I find its not advisable. The problem you may face in having babies. Usually in blood related marriages the babies born will have heart or nervous system problems which can sometimes be fatal. Moreover even conceiving a baby may also have problem. I mean to say there may be abortions in this case. Its better you consult a doctor regarding this and about what happens, when you marry biologically related or blood relatives because these blood related marriages are usually mentioned as consanguineous marriage.

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    I would suggest buying some time like 2 or 3 years so that you can sort out some basic issues that will affect you in later years. Now, kindly put away any impulsive and emotional feelings aside as you ponder over these things. Do not decide in a hurry, but take time and decide only after you are fully convinced about things. Until then, commit to nothing.

    This is your marriage, supposed to be a lifelong event. If you are easily pressured into the marriage by family elders, you are not really ready to be married. You need to know the consequences of yielding to this pressure. First of all your communication with your partner will be dictated from others much more than from you, simply because you just obeyed orders. Things will get worse when you have children. Again pressures from relatives will make you a rubber-stamp and you will have a very hard time trying to change things at that point. In all this you have not mentioned if the bride is also getting pressured into marrying you. If so, then your problems are multiplied and you can resign yourself to a life of misery and unhappiness.

    Times have changed, and what was well accepted one generation ago is not acceptable today. Today's children will question you and look down on you when they find you married against your will. They will question you and even sue you 15 years from now about why you made this decision knowing well that there can be genetic problems/consequences of marrying close relatives. Do you want to face all these things and more?

    Your chances of getting children with genetic disorders are high, since it seems from what you wrote, both bride's and groom's parents are wanting this. I am estimating that they have also been marrying close relatives for over two earlier generations, and possibly a lot more because of traditions. You can make a simple calculation from Mendel's experiments with green and yellow peas which you might have studied in high school. Chances are 1 of 4 in the initial levels and then it goes to 3 of 4 down the line. That means of 4 children you may have at least 1 will be affected and you won't know the order if the 1st child or 2nd child etc will be affected. This is simple check up. You can always go to specialists to get specific info a they would dig a lot deeper into various health issues in your family hierarchy.

    Considering the above, your best options, I think, are to delay immediately. Then take time to see where you really stand, and how you want to lead your life. You have to have a change in mindset about traditions. Some traditions can be very wrong even if is accepted for generations of time. Your family elders will logically pass away before you/your wife and children do. So you will have to be ready to take decisions at that time, but it may not work out for good as you have not made decisions and choices earlier, yourself and in consultation with your partner. You might end up running after some other elders instead of being a man yourself. Your children will need role models and leadership/shepherding, and they definitely need NOT see their parents pushed around by other (well meaning) relatives. That would severely damage your communications with them.

    So you do have some tough choices and you need to develop your own self respect and ability to lead your own family. You can certainly do them, and your starting point will be to delay any happenings and commitments. If you do the first step and not fail under the sure-to-come scolding and emotional (not rational) threats, that itself is a big progress and you will be well on your way to ensure life is joyful to a great extent.

    Wish you all the best as you plan your future wisely.

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    India is a vast country having many regions, religions, society variations, many caste and creed. Based on these differences answer to your question differs from individual to individual. An expert from northern part of India will say no to marriages in blood relation. Social norms of north India don't accept marriages in blood relations. But answer to your query by an expert from south India will be in your favor. As a central government employee I traveled many parts of India and I have seen many cultures and social values in India. Children coming from such relations are mentally and physically strong as for as I have observed. To get a healthy baby, both the parents should be ready for it and proper gap should be maintained between issues.

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    Though there are many advice for preventing marriage with close /blood relationship, my view is good to marry the close /blood relations like daughters /sons of father's sister or mother's brother. This is followed in many areas of our country years together as they should not leave the relationships out. But my view is, it is best for the present trend as the possibilities and number of divorce/separation/suicide etc., increases recently which mainly arises because of misunderstanding. That misunderstanding between the couple also started from every person in the family and they do not understand the follow up of either house. If the marriage solemnized between the relations the misunderstanding about the family members will come down to major extent. A mother or father of a boy/girl with much expectation and hardship fixes a marriage for him/her but if the marriage lasts in divorce/tragedy the mental stress of the parents on both sides cannot be explained. The parents with much expectation and joy brings a girl for their son but what the justification is there when the incoming girl drive away them from the house ?

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    Close Blood Relation marriages are generally not encouraged due to various religious and social custom. One common way to discourage things is to connect it with sin and cause fear in masses for it . It is considered as taboo in many societies, however there are some societies which allows it.

    As far as your concern is -"I am afraid of genetic disorder for my children. Can I proceed or not? Please advise."
    I have researched thoroughly over internet, read various scientific articles and there is no proof that close blood relations cause genetic disorders. The concept that the genetic pool gets degraded is a myth. In ancient times people used to live in tribes and marry people within the same tribe. The genetic pool was thus never diversified, it was only after globalization that the genetic pools started mixing.

    So, though the decision is up to you, but the fact is there is no evidence of higher genetic disorder in Close Blood Relation marriages.

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    From religion to religion and society to society there are difference of tradition in this respect. Social acceptance is one criterion which is very important and crucial for marriages within blood relations.
    The social criterion might have been formulated by our ancestors after certain observations. If that is true we can not ignore them.
    The medical science angle that certain ailments may surface out rapidly in such marriages is also very alarming as we can not put the health of people at jeopardy.
    If that is the state of understanding of this issue I think it is better to avoid such marriage and go for the usual ones.
    One interesting thing I want to add is that even in the normal marriages many people are going for blood tests before finalizing the marriage proposals to ensure that there should not be incompatibility .

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    Genetic science has not recommended marriages between close relatives. It is considered as inbreeding. Immediately there may not be any problem. But continuous inbreeding might result in producing kids with deformities or even stop reproducing. There are concrete examples among certain communities. Personally I have come to know such families.
    Genetics as a science has gone in deep into this problem. It has shown that healthy off springs will be in a random mating population. However this can only happen among animals. As far as family concept remains such an experiment cannot be thought among human beings.

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