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    Query about Masters degree-regular or correspondence?

    Confused between regular or correspondence degree? Find responses from experts on this page.

    Currently I am working with Infosys as Operational Executive in Bangalore.
    I have completed BCA from I.P.U Delhi in 2016. Now, I want to do MCA .
    So my question is
    What to do next: do MCA correspondence alongwith job?
    Or leave the company and go for regular MCA?

    If correspondence then from which University?
    And in future, can I go in teaching or may be a lecturer?
    So can you suggest me for what do I need to do further for my good future?
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    Pursuing a course through distance learning programme or through correspondence course is worth or worthless depends upon the type of course you are pursuing. In your case pursuing MCA through distance mode or correspondence mode is not advisable. Because MCA degree involves so many practical knowledge which you can not master through distance mode or correspondence mode.

    As you are living in Bangalore, so you are advised to join evening classes along with your distance learning. Because ultimately knowledge matters. You acquire the degree certificate through distance learning and gain practical knowledge by attending evening classes. Since you are professional, join evening classes.

    If you want to join government college/university as lecturer, then you have to qualify NET examination conducted by University Grants Commission. Qualifying the NET exam and becoming lecturer is another topic.If you want detailed knowledge about NET exam and eligibility about becoming lecturer then click here UGC-NET,ELIGIBILITY AND HOW TO CRACK IT

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    For application-oriented courses, it is always better to go for regular courses. In case of reguar study, a student gets adequate opportunity to learn various applications in lab-rooms (in case of MCA, in computer labs). However, leaving a good job requires mental strength and support (moral and financial) of the family.

    However, if you want pursue MCA through correspondence/distance education moe, it is always good to go for IGNOU. The study material of IGNOU is consiered the best, the degree offered by the university is well-recognised (by UGC and DEC)and a working student gets requisite fleibility to complete the course within a very reasonable time.

    After compeltion of MCA, a student is reasonably assured to get a better job in IT-related fields. Moreover, he/she would be able to go for lectureship after clearing the National Eligibility Test (NET).

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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