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    How much time it will take to activate new SIM after MNP?

    Are you porting a number? Wondering how much time it takes to port a number after MNP? Find resolution to your query on this page.

    I have recently given an application for switching from Vodafone to Idea cellular. I want to know:
    How much time Vodafone will take to deactivate the old SIM and how much time Idea will take to activate the new SIM?
    What are the things needed to do after activation of a new SIM?
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    MNP also known as mobile network portability takes around 1 day to 7 days time for proper activation. In case of the network change from 3G to CDMA, you may have to adjust with the respective SIM changes. And your mobile network provider may give you respective suggestion on that. New network provider requires your documentation and details for the mobile number to be properly adjusted.

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    It is around 2 hours at midnight to port the number from old service provider to a new one, on said porting date stated by the new service provider after a week or so verification done by them after applying for an MNP.

    Q: "What are the things needed to do after activation of a new SIM?"
    A: You have to replace the new SIM on said date (notified by the new service provider) to port effectively, and, prepaid customer will lose the balance if any and post paid customer have to clear the due to old service provider to activate it. Once ported smoothly, the user can use it normally, and have to wait at least 90+ days if they wanted to port another service provider again.

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    Now my new SIM is activated. I gave an application of MNP from Vodafone to Idea. It took about four days to get my old SIM deactivated. In fact, I was not notified the exact date of porting or time when my old SIM will go offline and activation of new SIM from either of the service provider. Anyway my new Idea SIM is working fine. The reason for the portability is coverage problem of Vodafone at my location.
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    Either too the MNP matter was the time taking issue. Now after the introduction Jio sim in the market and its spot activation, the other cell phone operators also woken up to the reality and as a measure to retain their customer base and improve penetration to other cell phone market, the MNP matter were settled very quickly and without much delay. If we are clearing the bill with the existing telephone operator and mentioning the valid reason for shifting to other port, there is no reason as to why the operator shall hold your number and they have to immediately settle the account in favor of other choice indicated by you.
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