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    Can a student make a duplicate marks card

    a person had joined engineering through management quota while joining there was an agreement between student and college that in case if students leave the course prior completion of the degree he has to pay full course fees which is in lakhs and student has to deposit his original 10th and 12th marks sheet till the completion of his degree or if he leaves the course then after paying remaining full fees he can take marksheets . and this agreement has taken in form of affidavit and notary signed bond on which student has also agreed and signed.
    now the problem is student has left the course and he cant pay the remaining full fees which is in few lakhs and cant join any other course bcz his documents are in college.
    now the solution is to make duplicate marks card from the board of 10th and 12th.
    is this possible for a student to make duplicate copies of marksheets by assuming he has lost it.
    what is the procedure ?
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    If you have lost or missed your original mark sheet, you can apply for duplicate mark sheet. But in your case, you have not lost it instead it is deposited somewhere. Of course as per University Grants Commission (UGC ), we are not suppose to deposit the original document with admitting university/ college. But everybody do the same mistake. UGC has issued clear guidelines that no university/ college keep your original document in any sense. It is applicable for both government and private institution.
    Once you approach to the particular college and ask for your mark sheet. On refusal from their end just remind them the guideline of UGC and you are going to write a complain to UGC authority. Most probably your problem will be solved, otherwise go to Website of UGC and write your complain in respective section.
    Human Resource Development Minister has launched a portal, where students can write there complain, can check the current status of complain etc. To know the detail procedure of writing the complain click here STUDENTS COMPLAIN AGAINST UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE

  • Before submitting the original Mark sheets to any college or University it is advisable to keep the Xerox copy of the same so that the number mentioned in every mark sheet would lead to the office copy of the same and hence it is possible to obtain duplicate mark sheet but there is a specific formality to be followed and it also involves in paying money as the challan fees to get the duplicate mark sheet. Even some schools and collages are keeping one colored xerox of each students mark sheet as in case of emergency they can compensate with the ditto copy of the original mark sheet.

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  • Contact your university to get duplicate copy of mark sheets. You will have to pay for each marksheet and have to give justification for duplicate. Same case had been happened with my friend when he opted for Post Graduation. It will take 4 to 6 weeks to get all your new certification. You will have to personally visit the university office to submit form and challan. Keep as much as cash for payment as most of educational offices don't access card payments. Show them your original passing certificate or any proof that gives assurance that you were student of some college. Bonafied letter from collage will also help in case you don't have any relevant originals.

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  • Students are making duplicate mark sheet by scanning the original one.All though it is wrong.If they lost their mark-sheets they can get duplicate from concerning board or university.There are on line facilities available for getting duplicate mark sheets.

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  • MY cousin was asked to submit his original mark sheet for two years as agreement. He really wanted that job as his financially condition was not good. He did coloured photo copy of mark sheet and then lamination. He submitted coloured photo copy instead of original mark sheet. and after one year of posting he left the job.

    Now in your case you have submitted your original mark sheet at college which is against the rule. I will suggest you to go to college and discuss the matter with college administrator and try to make a solution for the same.

    If it is not possible then you can apply for duplicate mark sheet and mention the reason as you have lost or missed the original one.

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  • It is really a strange case that some institutions violate the guidelines indicating a clear mention that no student should be asked to submit the original mark- sheet for the persuance of a course. Submitting a bond and to repay the entire amount in the event of discontinuation of the study is mandatory since the student and the management enter into a contract by means of executing the same through the stamped paper.
    However, we have to admire the daring institute of the management by forcing the students to ask for their original marks - sheet. The best way in your case would be to have a cordial talk with the management and apprise them of your constraint in the event non - possession of original marks - sheet. May be he would be responsive to your situation and you may get a positive result. The other way is to highlight the facts to the ministry of human - relations and you may also go through an alternative rout by writing the same to the letters to the Editors of some leading English - newspaper to expose the unfair practices adopted by the said management.

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