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    How to change from Mechanical to Software Engineering

    Interested in switching from mechanical to software field? Confused about ho to go ahead? Check out responses from experts on this page.

    I am a Mechanical engineer and am very much interested in software side. But I do not have theoretical knowledge in software courses. I have previously maintained Linux based VPS, CPanel, powered web hostings,and php based web development,

    Now I want to switch my career towards software side, but I am confused about how to switch?

    Can you provide your valuable suggestions about how I can move further in s/w field?
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    If you have experience with the networking already, then getting into IT won't be hard. You have following options available.

    1. Software development.
    2. Testing
    3. Networking
    4. Data science

    You can choose either one of the above. And then there are courses and respective certifications to follow. Depending on how you finish this, you can get interview calls for the learned courses. I have found that the above four has lot of demand from the market. It does not matter if you are from mechanical, BSC or commerce or arts. As long as you are able to complete the courses and perform in interviews, you can get the job.

    Do note that you have to learn how to create resume and build the portfolio of learned skills. Work as an intern if possible. If you can also learn how to pitch to HR and other recruitment consultants. This should be a good head-start for you to get into software field.

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    Yes you can definitely shift. You shift to software only if your interested to build up your career in software. No doubt software engineer's have wide demand in IT companies. Before you change your subject get the depth of the software learning.

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    Yes you can change your career towards Software development provided you have the real passion for it. ERP, Java, Oracle and SAP are very much in demand and in case you have done some certification in the Oracle, ERP or SAP, your chances for the entry in these fields will definitely widen provided you could satisfy the interview - board with the impressive answers being put by them. You need to have sound basics in any one of the languages as stated above so that you can have grand opening.
    The other option before you is to apply in the fortune companies such as TCS, Infosys, Wipro, IBM etc when you come across such advertisements in the leading papers and go ahead for the interview. In that case, the stream with which you have passed your Engineering degree would not be barrier any more and your confidence and overhaul grasp in the software development will lead to your success. You may be selected as a fresher but the future seems to be promising.
    In the meanwhile, it would be better for you to develop your ability in both written and communication in English so that you may represent the facts with an effective manner. Patience and tactfulness are the essential perquisties to achieve success in this line.

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    Some times the students take the course in Engineering out of compulsions or forced suggestions from the relatives and friends and on joining the college he would feel suffocating and want to shift to other streams. Normally some college do ask the students to shift to other courses based on the left over seats. For example my boy is doing Chemical Engineering which is not preferred by many. But during the freshers welcoming party, the Principal has given the options for the students to change the streams if they want provided seats are there. In that case if your college has that facility, do that immediately.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Hi Guntreddi,
    You can still shift your career from mechanical to software field. you can learn DOEACC certified B level or A level course. you can do some other course equivalent to that because apart from the practical knowledge you can learn theoretical knowledge, as some companies emphasis on it.
    But what ever you do decide well is you are serious about it or of luck

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    It is easy to shift to software side. The best ways how you can do it is a s follows: -
    • Do an external certification because that will showcase your It skills.
    • Please take up some IT course be it through distance mode so that you are eligible for some positions that require only eligibility.
    • Try getting in touch with some start up to gain more experience.
    • Build sites or do some self-work so that you can showcase it during interview.
    • Request your siblings and friends to refer you in their organization.

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