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    Transfer from one University to another

    Looking out for changing the University? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I am student of BSc CS 1st year and I want to change my university after 1st year. I am pursuing it from CCS University. Is it possible to change university after completing 1st year and get admission in second year to another university in same course?
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    Technically speaking yes, but practically speaking, it is very tough task. You can not go to higher class in another university after passing 1st year. If you want to change your university, you must take No Objection Certificate from the former university. You can change colleges governed by same university very easily.
    Secondly it depends upon the nature of university i.e. government or private university. If you are in government run university, then your job is easier. Otherwise management of private university will ask you to pay the fee of remaining years.

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    Though at the first glance, it appears that be a very easy task but when we see it in practical terms, it does not yield result. As soon as, you pass out the first year degree course of a university, you are supposed to continue the final degree with the same university and in case, some emergency occurs, you have to write to the vice - chanceller of the university seeking the approval of No - objection Certificate from their end and again a lot will depend upon the action taken up by the university where admission is likely to be sought after. The newly approached university may ask you to start a fresh and your request for the continuance for the second year an downward may not materialise.
    So, you need to take a cautious step before you take a step of switching over from one university to other one.

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    As per your query I think its better you enquire in your university because most of the universities will not allow to change. As per I know graduation of three years has to be done in one university. After graduation for PG I think you can change. The collage where I studied had this compulsion that we have to complete our graduation in one collage or university only.

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    It is possible for the BSC student to change the university course after 1 year. And the person can get the admission into the second year course of the respective BSC program. It would however require a lot of rigorous work to do just that. Few things to be cleared. You need institute that can allow you to enroll for this course if they have any such available seat.

    Make sure you get all the transfer documents such as bonafide certificate. Earlier passing marksheets. Also the written consent of existing institute for this. Apart from this you have to also check and see if there are any additional things you need for the transfer from university to another.

    It can be easy to transfer depending on the process in new university. Most of the universities make it easy for transfer from one to another. But documentation and the time it takes for smooth transition varies.

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