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    Whether MBA after engineering is prudential or not?

    Confused whether MBA option is good after engineering? Check out advice from experts here.

    I am pursuing my last semester of Aeronautical Engineering in Hyderabad. I am deeply interested tofor pursue MBA from any university abroad or India. Albeit I know all the procedure for applying for those exams. I am not sure about MBA courses near my UG degree (i.e. Aeronautical Engineering). So here I am looking forward to your opinion on the above said matter. Is the notion prudential or not?
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  • MBA after Engineering is definitely a prudent choice for acquiring managerial capability. But I can't find the connection with 'Prudential', which is a very famous insurance company of the USA.

    'Nayak nahin; Khalnayak hoon main' (I am not the hero; I am the villain)

  • Very much thanking you for your suggestion. And prudential here I meant the demand in these field in relating to my basic trade(I.e. Aeronautical engineering)

  • Study of MBA deals with the enhancement of managerial skill so that the fundamentals learnt in the Institute is of immense help in sorting out management related issues. If you mean to say perusal of MBA course is a prudent approach, there is no denyl from my side.
    Since you have indicated that you are in the last semester of Aeronautical - engineering and hence any post graduate degree in management from a reputed Institutes like IIM, IIT etc would multiply your job - prospects. Their quality of education is better than the ordinary institutes providing MBA degree and by taking admission in such colleges would not be helpful to you in being familiar with the management - tools. Hence persue for CAT so that your destination to achieve a coveted degree is fulfilled.
    Again considering the stream fitting to you has to be considered so that there is expansion of your managerial acumenship. HR ie Human - resources is one of the areas where you would come across the detailed study of human - behaviour and its strength to achieve higher goals.
    The other field advantageous to you may be the Computer - management and such course would strengthen your computer - skill essential for the management of your job you are likely to handle in future. However, an attempt for this stream has to be persued from a coveted management institute.

  • Any higher education, if pursued and completed with sincere and focused efforts, acquiring some extra than average knowledge and skill will definitely be useful and give an additional push.
    However, presently MBA is dished out by institutes without any infrastructure and many of those MBA s are no better than just graduates.
    So join for MBA in a well reputed and established institute only.

    In your case you have done some homework and know things. Just get some real practical tips from those already in the field . Evaluating that go ahead and join a good reputed institute for MBA. In the meantime concentrate efforts to come with good grades in the Engineering course you are studying.

  • If your current career is not going ahead with the engineering degree, then it's wise to take up the higher education. And in such case using the and MBA can be a good option. Some of the times going for MBA is less likely to benefit the company, so in such cases you may find that MBA may not help either. I suggest checking out different options available for you. You can also do some jobs and then decide which is the right option for you.

  • As per your query engineering degree itself is equivalent to your MBA. If your looking at the point of good career job then also your qualification is enough. Your job designation and your promotion's depends on your capability of assigning the job to you. Where as pursuing MBA may be helpful for your future career. But on the job point of view your degree right now is fine. You can even do MBA by distance also when your working also. But the subjects has to be selected the line which you are well versed. But most of the job promotions depend on your dedication to the work assigned to you.

  • Certainly it is good to get enrolled for MBA after B Tech. This trend is named as dual degree programmes. If you would have planned well in advance, you could have saved one year. Universities are offering dual degree programme in five years. After dual degree your chances of employment with better pay package is enhanced.
    Now a days students are pursuing dual degree programmes without break. With simple graduate degree you have less scope for better job. Now a days companies are looking for candidate with management degree. After B Tech you can complete your management degree in one year only. If you are taking break in between then you have to pursue MBA in two years. Because of high demand of dual degree programme, many of the engineering colleges and universities have opened management classes in their campus.
    You will get the advantage of MBA degree if you acquire it from reputed institute. As you are doing B Tech in Aeronautical branch, you must go for MBA or M Tech. Because in Aeronautical branch job scope with B Tech degree is very less. Either you do the specialization or go for master degree.

  • As per your question you want to pursue MBA degree after B Tech which is very good. By doing MBA you will opened up a new scope for job field. You can do MBA in IT & SYSTEMS or Finance which has a great demand now a days. But before doing your MBA judge all the sides of it, especially about the institute from where you have decided to do the course. Is the course is affiliated by UGC or not. and lastly whatever you do, do with complete attention and zeal. It is the real key for success.

  • A MBA degree definitely increase your option of getting jobs. Companies now a days want a techno-commercial person. After getting MBA you become a techno-commercial person.

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