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    Can I take a job before applying for MBA,through CAT?

    Aspiring to set up own business? Wondering if an engineer should take up a job before applying for MBA? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I am a first year engineering student from Jabalpur Engineering College doing Industrial and Production Engineering.
    My aim is to start my own business and I am thinking to start preparation for MBA related exam.
    I want to develop my mind as a business man to actually become a businessman in future.
    Can I take a job before applying for MBA,through CAT?
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  • Yes, you can join a job before applying for MBA through CAT. In fact I must say that it is better if you are in job before applying for CAT. In selection for management courses you will get some bonus points based on your experience if you are in job.
    But it will be a big challenge for you to prepare for CAT entrance examination if you are professional. At least 10 hours you will be busy with your job and second problem is that a professional is out from the study mode. So, you have to be in strict discipline. As a professional if you acquire MBA degree, certainly It will help you to become a good management leader and grow professionally.
    If your target is to develop a business, management degree will boost your idea to become a successful businessman. Now question arises. Is MBA degree necessary to become successful businessman. My answer goes in favour. Yes MBA degree is necessary. It separates you from rest of the entrepreneur. Though it is an academic degree only, but it teaches you to manage product and personnel in efficient manner. For creating and idea managerial skills are must and these skill can be acquired by pursuing MBA from a reputed institute. MBA helps in taking fast and appropriate decision.MBA is not a degree certificate on paper, it has lot of meaning in the life of a businessman.

  • Doing the job before MBA can be really a good idea. And doing the job in area where you wish to do the business can be even more good. In such case you can skip the MBA altogether. And this way you can build more real experience. In case of getting real world experience, there is no need for the MBA degree. Most of the startup owners are successful even without MBA or IIT and IIM. There are many examples of people who are good without those degrees.

    In order to build your mindset as businessman, you need two things. One is selling your product or skill or service. And another is managing the people. If you are selling the service then managing the people part comes second. But it is important. In case of the selling product, that has to come first. This skill can't be learned in MBA programs. Here you have to learn this by taking risks. And for this I think instead of MBA, doing the job is much better option.

  • Hi,
    It is good that you have all planned for your future but I would suggest you to focus on your studies right now. As you mentioned that you are currently pursuing your first year for Engineering, you should study well to perform well.
    MBA is all about Business, sales and marketing, so you can search for a firm/company which can provide you an opportunity to experience the same. Once you acquire good experience in the field of Business, you do not need to pursue MBA through CAT. Students appear in CAT to get good college for MBA so that they can get good placements later on but in your case, you want to start up your own business, so you do not need any placement.
    So, as per my suggestion, join any business based company and learn the technique to be a successful Business Man, save money to start up your own set up and then you are ready.


    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

  • You can apply for MBA and join but to setup your own business you need to have practical experience more than your degree. Always in our own business experience makes a perfect business man. Your job may help only 10 % percent because working for a company as employer is different and working in your own business is different. Working as an employer is just doing a task that is assigned to you, but as a business man you have lot of responsibilities. So if you have decided to build your future as business man then its better if you get experience from your senior business person's. Your MBA degree will help you to educate more but to be a perfect business man you need to have lot of technology and methodology to convince your business to the consumer.

  • Yes, you can undertake a job prior to appearance for the CAT test and in fact, you would get some additional points as bonus depending upon your length and nature of service. However by analysing of the syllabus of CAT, you must dedicate your self to honest preparation apart from consistent practice in order to achieve high percentile in the test. So, you need to have a favourable oppurtunity to crack the examination with impressive percentile.
    To be successful in your business you need to change your outlook and several perquisties such as constant evaluation of situation, critical appraisal of the budgets and best deployment of human resources in critical areas. Such outlooks are the inherent qualities and of course we can bring about radical changes in our approach with better guidance and by undertaking an MBA degree by qualifying the CAT test, will certainly improve your overhaul perceptions in relation to business.
    The degree of MBA such as Human - resources would equip you with better farsightedness of relocating the human resources in the sensetive areas and you would get clarity in the approach. So two aspects are the most vital - a post graduate diploma in management preferably with IIM by clearing the CAT test and secondly an exposure with a dynamic business company where you get intensive training of enhancing your business - skill.

  • Its good you are thinking about your future from the first year of Engineering. Its a great way to think and pursue the education with ambition of becoming a Business man. This is also a kind of achievement in your life. Its also good since you have a creative thinking about your business. Learn all while you can is a good way of learning as much talking with your friends of same thoughts, where appreciation will be there for your unique thinking and to protect your ideas without getting replicated is one way to secure yourself and ideas of thought to make a good future.

    Communication is important in Business, any where you take your project and to be elaborate is also a manner to convey your thoughts into words in front of the committee to start your business since clients are required for the
    business if its a services oriented, product oriented,education oriented.

    Engineering is one of the best department to think creative and understand the creativeness. Most of the new inventions have also come through the Engineering in the past, present and future. Concentrating on your education at this age is very much important since the education will be a proof to know that
    you are a quality person with great thinking, thoughts that will make the clients trust upon you. Business is not only academic but also creative in thoughts, and that should benefit for your clients and for you in fetching the profits.

    If you are willing to choose to produce, or provide service experience would be required to prove yourself and others through the marks, grades that are obtained through your degree in distinction or more in the Under
    Graduate, since engineering also requires unique and creative thinking.

    Joining M.B.A in the future is also a good thought since you can plan your education understand the benefits of
    your business in depth that can lead from the local to a Multinational Levels in future. Learning the models of the
    previous businessman's is also one of the benefits through education. Listening, reading, writing, speaking, eliminating, communicating, organising,etc... one of the best ways to create quality businesses among the competitions.

    Understand your subject Engineering in depth in the stream of your interest and gain good marks for proofs, that
    will prove you are a quality person with quality thoughts in future. Test yourself before going to the exams, spend
    time on your educational subjects to know about it, get your friends help regarding those education that can enhance your thinking about the subject.

    Be strong in Aptitude, puzzle solving, Verbal and Analytical solving, learn English and extra languages.
    Then Common Aptitude Test exams will be easy to clear to get admissions in the top institutes for M.B.A. in your stream, that will keep you going in for future thoughts.

  • Yes, you can always get some work experience before joining MBA. In fact, the interviewers for IIMs give some (subtle) preference to the working candidates. In the USA and in the UK also, working candidates get preference for admission in MBA courses.

    Furthermore, a student of MBA having work experience finds the degree more useful. The work experience would also help you at the time of running your own business venture.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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