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    Is software testing a good alternate field for commerce qualified experienced auditor

    Are you a commerce graduate or post graduate wanting to switch to a career in software testing? Know from experts about the pros and cons and possible career scope of software testing.

    I heard that software testing has moderate level skill for everyone. I have qualification of B.Com., M.Com., ACCA (UK Chartered Accountant) and have been working as Senior Auditor from last 4 years. Due to social factors and family responsibility I cannot leave my residential home in Gujarat. I also want to earn some money while learning and thus came to know about software testing. Based on my search I have a few questions which are unsolved so kindly guide me.

    My queries are:
    1) Can a commerce student take up software testing?
    2) From senior auditor to QA does my field change drastically?
    3) What is the future for Software Testing?
    4) What is basic pay for software testing as a fresher?
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  • Here are some of the answers to your questions.

    1. Software testing is a good field for anyone with interest in problem solving, bug finding and technical skills. So commerce or even arts student can take up the job in software testing. So it is definitely possible to do this.

    2. Depending on the type of domain you are working for QA, the field change may be different. You need to take manual testing course. And in this you get the idea of how the software testing field works. You won't find much of the change if you have knack for finding bugs in computer or any thing around you.

    3. Software testing is moving towards automation. So it has very bright future. As long as there is need for developer, there is going to be a need for testers too. You have to improve your skills every day.

    4. Basic pay for software tester starts from 12 K onwards. Depending on the company you get hired into the price varies. I have found that fresher earns most in MNC. And in small scale companies the salary increase is a bit slow compared to big companies.

  • Changing your line from commerce to software testing doesn't make you any difference. But the study of commerce and software testing is entirely different. You can continue with both simultaneously. But before you go in for software testing find out whether there is any scope for software testing in your area or the place where you wish to work. Always before changing the line we must be sure whether by changing our entire study or by learning a new context will it help us

  • To understand the computer fundamentals, the essential requirement is to understand the basics of different tools regardless your stream you have followed in your student - life. The most vital aspect in this regard would how much interest you develop with the soft - ware testing. Your patience and dedicated effort would help you in understanding the different mechanism of software testing. With your background of commerce would not impede your learning skill.
    With your involvement in software testing, you can take up the the other manual testing tools for the enhancement of your skill. Being a senior auditor, to be familiar with the Quality - assurance and adherence to the same is the essential requirement. In relation to the change of your job, it may not change the job - profile but having concept in the computer tools, your job in QA would be streamlined and tracking of files would be convenient.
    Software testing is an integral part in the computer - system and the developers require their assistance from time to time. So long as the job of developers exist, software testers would be required to assist them. Your attention is very much needed to sharpen your skills with the advancement of time.
    The salary of a software tester varies depending upon the company you are attached. In a medium size company, your emoluments would vary between 18000 and 20000. However, there is no fixed formulae, an employer may award you a higher start evaluating your personal abilities. In case, you get a chance to join a fortune company, your salary would be substantially higher - as much as 25000 at the entry - stage.

  • Since you are a Post Graduate with M.Com, it will be easy for you to understand the software testing. Yes its possible for the commerce students to take the software testing with a certification course or the knowledge with experience to get hired in a company. Basically the person has to understand why a software Testing is performed on the software and for what reason either for application testing, web testing like webpage testing. Most its one of the easy field in the software if its been understood. Test cases has to be written for checking the fields of either application or websites, software before its been released to the world.

    Quality Analyst is one of the field for checking quality based on the product and the service opted for. The designation will change based on what is been tested regarding the softwares and the project. Its a separate division to test the quality of the software before release to the client. One of the major department to test the software written by the software developers.

    The future of the software testing is necessary for the company to test its product, websites also of any new application that is to be released to the client. The software Testing are of two types mostly the Manual Testing and the Automated testing. The manual testing is like checking the fields in a form like feedback forms, application forms in the web and also fields are good for numeric for accepting the dates, and the for accepting the alphabets if its only for alphabets like accepting the names in the form. Every company has a separate division for Software Testing and its a must for the company to recruit the talented for their Quality. There are win runner, Load runner that has to understood by tester first to do anything in the testing field.

    The pay for the testing the software will be stable if as a beginner from small scale software industry can give upto 6K to 10K and later it gets improved to more than 10k based on the experience. Most of the MNC start from 10K to 15K based on the degree and experience of the tester in the field and domain. There are some international certification for the tester to boost the package in the industry along with the experience.

  • Software testing or anlysing codes require some programming skills. Testing mini mobile apps and desktop application requires average code anlysing skills, writing, and finding solution. Most companies offers testing along with these you need to find bugs. Review and finally write a review for the project you accepted. With ease you can go for testing but need basic knowledge.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

  • Here are answers to your question as per my view point.

    1. Anyone who is computer literate and is using some kinds of software for their work on PC or mobile devices can go for career in Software testing so you can also do it. But there are some essential qualities needed in a software tester like ability to point out malfunctions and mistakes in working of software, a questioning and defect finding mindset where an individual always questions the working of things in day to day life and always tries to find some defects in them. Since as software tester you will also be developing test cases also an ability to visualize different testing scenarios also holds valuable. Besides this some knowledge is required about the software which you are testing and also on the testing domain you are working on like you may be testing software for Banking, Telecom, Travel etc domains. In your case I feel it would be easy to start career in software testing in some commerce related familiar domains like Tax, Banking, Insurance etc since you are in a commerce field.

    2. Now when you shift from senior auditor to QA your field and nature of work will change. When you switch to software testing you will be part of software industry and when you work in software QA field your prime job will be to find defects in software, prepare test cases, prepare QA documents like test plan, test process improvement documents, test strategy etc. If you do software testing on domain related to commerce like finance, banking etc then you will feel familiar with the domain but your work will be different. Even as auditor you might be using various commerce related software to do your daily work but here your intention is not finding defects in software but it is to get the output you are looking for. Now when you do software testing you will still be working on software but here your intention will change as now your prime aim would be to find defects in the software. Actually there are two types of software testing, White box testing and Black box testing. White box testing is testing of internal code of an application and requires knowledge of programming language and software architecture of the application while Black box testing is simply testing functionality of the application from end users perspective without any involvement in testing internal code and programming knowledge is not required. It means testing behavior of application and its expected result for different user scenarios. So in your case Black box testing will be easier to start with.

    3. Future of software testing I would say is bright as any company which develops software will need it to be tested. It is proper software testing which determines that product is fit for customers to use and can be released in the market. Software which is not properly tested and released is likely to disappoint its customers and earn bad reviews. For you as a starter you can start with manual testing since that will be easy but remember that nowadays things are moving more and more towards automation testing. Pure manual testers are finding difficult to find job now while automation testers are being greatly valued. So keep in mind that after starting in manual testing you have to keep upgrading your skill and learn scripting language and tools for carrying out automated software testing for various applications. So you need to constantly upgrade yourself.

    4, Salary wise also it is decent and if you are in good MNC you can get package of about 5 lacs per annum and if in average or low paying MNC then about 2.5–3 lacs per annum. Again this is a rough figure and salary will vary based on your skill and position you are hired.

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