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    Why is it advised to avoid pregnancy after 30 years?

    Wondering why 30+women should avoid pregnancy? Check out the major reasons on this Ask Expert page.

    I am a father of a 3-year-old daughter and I have heard that woman with more than 30 years of age should avoid pregnancy. I do not know the exact medical reason. Can someone clarify the same? What are the consequences of the late pregnancy after 30 years?
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  • Hi,
    Yes, as per the doctors and gynecologists, a woman should avoid late pregnancies and they have valid reasons for that as follows-
    1. After 30, the egg production in females decreases leading to infertility which may cause problem in conceiving.

    2. Even if she conceives, she may face problem in sustaining it due to changes in hormonal levels and may cause spontaneous miscarriage. In such situations, would be mother must be very careful for every strange feeling and should be in touch with the doctor constantly.

    3. After the age of 30, other problems like high blood pressure, Thyroids, diabetes, etc are likely to appear especially during second trimester. In such cases the premature delivery is only the solution.

    4. If everything is well for all 9 months and it's the time of delivery, she may face prolonged labor pain. It is because the body has become weak and contractions are not that much strong to push the baby for delivery. At this age, the cervix has also lost its elasticity and hence is not able to open properly. Due to all these reasons the movements of baby do not go right. This will lead to C-Section delivery.

    5. Apart from all the above mentioned physical problems, there are some genetic problems also associated with late pregnancy. The child may take birth with spinal cord defect, Down's syndrome and even Autism. The kids from late pregnancy are very much prone to such abnormalities and doctors suggest for amniocentesis test and regular ultrasounds to take care of proper development of fetus.


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  • As the age of the lady progresses say beyond 30, the function of the egg - production drops leading to less chances of pregnancies and even if she conceives, she may face different hormonal problems.
    It would be better to have a regular consultation of the gynaecologist to watch the progress of the womb and at the same time, the lady progressing for the motherhood would be needed to have the close supervision with respect to her blood pressure, gestational diabetes, thyroid - disorder and any abnormal changes in the hormonal - system.
    With the proper medication such as adequate intake of Iron , Calcium and Folic - acid intake the embryo would develop in the healthy manner and the lady progresses for the healthy delevery, however in the absence of contraction and opening of the uterus mouth, the normal process of delivery hampers calling for close supervision of the specialist.
    The chances of autism, birth of low intelligent quotient baby and the chances of delivery of premature death babies multiply with the advancement of the age of women - folks.
    Any defect can be assessed by means of ultra - sound and intervention of the experienced doctor.

  • The pregnancy age for women is upto 35 years. Any woman trying to have kids after this age range is likely to go after the health complication.

    1. Chance of having thyroid, diabetes are more likely after age of 35.
    2. Delivery complication are more after 35 onwards.
    3. After pregnancy health complication are more.

    Though these are some of the health and other birth issues for kids. However due to medical progress, there is not much of an issue that can be cured. There are women who get pregnant after 35 and doing just fine. However do note that most of the medicine and the therapies for pregnancies after 35 costs a lot of money. And unless one can afford that it would be safe to say that after 30 one should avoid.

    But if the question is about getting pregnant is concerned and medical costing is no bar, then one should go ahead with pregnancy.

    Lot of decade old knowledge is being spread about pregnancy after 35. So consulting doctor would be more wise than reading on the internet. There is a lot of progress going on in this area so there are not many pregnancy issues that can't be handled by medicine practices today. And in worst case scenario, there is always adoption choice.

  • Late pregnancy for women that is after 30 years will have complications. There may a chances of miscarriage of the baby or down syndrome which will be slight high. More over after 30 women's stamina will go down for normal delivery. This is all according to science. But if we look on the other part most of the ladies have given birth after 30, the mother and baby are in good health. Now the science also has improved even superstitious belief is also improved. According to me if your willing to have another child I think its the right time Even if the mother has crossed 30 years.

  • I don't agree to the basic premises of the question. Nowadays many educated ladies marry after settling professionally. In metro cities, a significant number of working ladies marry after reaching 30s. With the advancement of healthcare and pre-natal/post-natal care, pregnancy after 30 is not a major problem.

    Madonna became pregnant after reaching 46. Some time ago, a Rajasthani lady from rural background gave birth to a healthy boy at an age of 58 while her husband was only 94! These may be exceptions, but pregnancy after 30 is not a serious matter of concern, thanks to medical science.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • Pregnancy after the age of 30 years should be avoided because of the following reason-
    1. Below the age of 30 years the body of a lady is physically primed to get pregnant easily because of high fertility rate and low risk of complications.
    2. Ladies giving birth to first baby at younger age are at lower risk of breast cancer. The moment a lady give birth to baby her relationship multiplies with family members.
    3. If a lady avoids pregnancy till the age of 30 or beyond that then frustration in her relationship with other family members starts.
    4. Baby miscarriages rate increases after the age of 30 years,
    5. After the age of 30 years a lady don't enjoy the strong bond with mothers of same age group,
    6. After the age of 30 years human body develops so many deceases like thyroid, diabetes, high blood pressure and because of such deceases there are chances of premature delivery,
    7. If a lady gets pregnant after the age of 30 years, she needs to visit the doctor more frequently,
    8. If a lady gets pregnant after the age of 30 years her baby is also at risk. Chances of delivering healthy baby is low,
    9. After the age of 30 years labour pain remains for longer period and that causes -cervical opening is not proper, contraction force is not sufficient to push the baby. Now the lady is left with only one option i.e. c-section delivery.
    10. If a lady give birth to a baby after the age of 30, spinal chord defect may occur in babies.

    Keeping in mind the above mentioned problem plan for the baby before the age of 30 years. If any one plans after the age of 30 years, visit your doctor regularly and take proper care to deliver a healthy baby.

  • I wont agree with the author notion that after 30 years of age a women is at risk to bear a child and also should be avoided. I have seen many women in Muslim family who are giving birth to the child even at the age of 45 to 48 years and this shows and proves that age is not the criteria but the urge to give birth to a baby and the body strength matters the most. And what I feel that being elder women she would take utmost precautions during pre-delivery period and there wont be any serious medical consequences. So remove the doubts that women above 30 years cannot bear a child and risky to their life.

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